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Last update on: Jan 01, 2020

Welcome to our Euchre Community

Ohio Euchre welcomes players of all skill levels (new, experienced, advanced) to learn more about enjoying and winning at the game of Euchre. Please note, first, it is a game to be enjoyed. Secondly, we attract players who want to excel at the intricacies of winning Euchre.
    Our core Euchre principles are reflected in the Lessons and Tips Sections of the Ohio Euchre website. You can test your knowledge with our Quiz. You will enjoy our website and forum much more as you master the “Quiz.” It is challenging and highly educational.
    Our Forum is intended to be a friendly and Euchre-focused discussion of improving the enjoyment and knowledge of winning at Euchre. Our goal is to encourage communication among the players. That can be a challenge because of the diversity of skill levels, personalities and language barriers.
    Please be courteous to every poster, after all Euchre is, first and always, a game to be enjoyed, at any skill level.

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Here are some current forum topics;

* 3rd Seat Order?

     * Bidding Point System (BPS) - Basic

We speak Euchre, so can you

Euchre (pronounced 'you-ker') is a classic card game introduced to America in the early nineteenth century. There are varying theories as to the origin of the game. The true beginnings are unknown and controversy persists among card historians. Once considered the national card game in the United States, Euchre still has a large following. While its overall popularity has declined, a core group of avid players keeps it alive. Euchre is commonly played in the Midwestern states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. There are also large concentrations of devotees in Canada, as well as in Great Britain, and Australia.

Euchre games are generally fast moving and tend last less than twenty minutes. Although the rank of the cards may confuse new players, euchre is an easy game to learn. Games are played with four players in teams of two sitting across from one another. Euchre uses a deck of 24 cards, made from a standard deck with cards numbered between eight and two removed. The cards are dealt out in groups of twos and threes until each player has five cards with remainder of the cards placed face down in front of the dealer. The top card of this stack is then exposed. The goal of the game is to defeat your opponents by being the first team to reach 10 points. To make a point, a team first names trump then must take least three out of five possible tricks in any hand.

Whether you play casually among friends or seriously in the many tournaments held around the country, you will find euchre to be a fascinating and challenging game. It is also an ideal way to meet people and make new friends.

Let's learn to play euchre

It is the goal of OhioEuchre.Com to help teach new players how to play. We also help those that would like to learn more. For people that are new players, may I suggest starting with our euchre lessons?

Improve your skills

Have you been playing a while but would like to learn new ways to improve your game? I suggest starting with our tips and info page. Here you will find a complete list of all the articles listed

Test your knowledge of euchre

Have you ever wondered how you stack up against other euchre players? This quiz was put together not only to test skill level but as a teaching tool. Now you can see where your strength and weaknesses lay. There are 25 questions that range from intermediate to advanced levels. Taking our QUIZ is a sure way to see where you stand.

The euchre test lab

OhioEuchre offers a way to test and experiment with different euchre hands online. You now have a way to test different scenarios and see the best possible play.

Read what our viewers say about us

"The phrase "practice makes perfect" is a false one. To rise above mediocrity, it takes "enlightened" Practice, most often with the aid of someone or something else. Improvements take practice. A Critical attitude of what needs to be improved certainly helps, many "old-timers" tend to "practice" the same way time after time. The information given here is a step in the right direction."

Posted by Steve on Thursday, 02.16.12 @ 21:36pm

"This is a Top Notch and most informative site. That gives everyone at all levels the tools to succeed at Euchre."

Posted by Tbolt65 on June 19, 2019

A euchre game in progress

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