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The 2013 Triple Crown of Euchre Winner

Jean Lambert, 108 points
First place 2013 Triple Crown of Euchre

2nd - Ruth Huckson with 107 points 3rd - Ranger Rick with 105 points

   Sept 10,2013 - This last weekend brought to a close the 2013 International Triple Crown of Euchre Season. The last leg was held in Sarnia, Ontario. As the event started, Jean Lambert (Center) was hoping that her high score of 108 from the first leg in Westerville, Ohio would hold up. Also hoping to hold on to second place was Ranger Rick with his winning score of 105 from the Flint Michigan event. The Triple Crown series consists of 12 games of progressive euchre. Each game consists of 8 hands for a total of 96 hands played. All three events share a standard set of rules giving every participant an equal change of winning.
  At the end of the day Jean's score held the top spot. Ruth Huckson was having a great day, turning in a top score of 107. This was enough to win first place at the Sarnia event, and a second place in the International Triple Crown. This bumped Ranger into third. First and second places each were rewarded with trophies. A cash prize of $300.00 was awarded for first place, with second place receiving $150.00. Both winners also received trophies.

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