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board rules

Unread post by Dlan » Wed Dec 29, 2021 10:39 pm

I think it is time to remind everyone of the forum rules

1) New users will be required to verify their email when signing up

2) New users first post will require our approval. This is to protect this board from unnecessary spam

3) The OhioEuchre Message Board is a family-friendly place and we intend to keep it that way.

4) If you are intentionally or continually making this community less enjoyable for others, you may be removed from it. It is that simple.

5) Personal attacks or hateful posts will not be tolerated.

6) No posts that are defamatory, harassing, hateful, threatening, or that invade others privacy allowed

7) No profanities, swearing, foul language, national or sexual slurs or any other inappropriate behavior allowed

8) No Racist, sexist, or homophobic posts in any shape or form, will be tolerated.

9) No pornographic or sexually natured content allowed

10) No post shall suggest, encourage, violate any laws or involve any illegal activity allowed.

11) No Spam or posts containing Advertising allowed without our permission.

12) Do NOT post personal information about others without their direct consent.

13) Trolling is not allowed, this includes using the forum email and private message (PM) system to spam other members.

14) Choose your username carefully, No names that are offensive, suggest illegal activities or imitate others allowed

15) You will be allowed ONE account only. We reserve the right to merge or delete multiple accounts.

16) We reserve the right to remove or edit any post that we deem inappropriate at our discretion without notice.

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