Best discard option?

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Best discard option?

Unread post by XaviRonaldo » Wed Sep 01, 2021 7:49 am

Ahead 6-5 as dealer upcard is (Card_Q-C)

I held

(Card_J-S) (Card_A-C) (Card_A-H) (Card_A-S) (Card_A-D)

I naturally decided to go alone.

Is it correct to discard the next suit ace? I see it as twofold advantage. Not only is it more likely that I can get first trick with a green ace making my hand safer from a euchre but it also allows for the fact that S3 is more likely to void in next so this gives me the opportunity to overtrump instead of having to follow suit.

Is this logic sound or am I bonkers?

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Unread post by irishwolf » Wed Sep 01, 2021 10:03 am

Yes of course go alone and discard AS as best discard option. Your partner is of no help.

So you might ask, WHY! In the next suit you have one less card (1/6) and that is 16.7% better odds for the two green aces, plus many like to lead Next. But if your were at S1, what to lead? Lead from 3 so S3 has a better chance to trump. And if he had three in next, there is only one remaining and that could be with the Stock or at S2.


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Unread post by jspectre » Wed Sep 01, 2021 3:43 pm

I would always discard next here, it's less likely you get caught on a green ace, seems pretty straightforward.

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