Card Play 101

A euchre forum, which focuses mainly on the advanced strategies and statistics used by experienced players, can be a little overwhelming to a new player.
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Card Play 101

Unread post by Richardb02 » Sun May 23, 2021 3:51 pm

Great learning hand on playing for 2 points (a sweep).

This is an OEN game from 051721. Dlan & I played ranked games on Monday 051721 when we didn’t have 4 players. I admit, I messed up!!replayer ... %3A1%7D%5D

S4 (Dealer) communicated that he had 3 trumps. He picked up the Td, but lead the Qd on Trick 1. That should have communicated to me S2, that he still had the Td. S4 took the first trick and lead the Ad. S1 played the Jh (Left) and I overtrumped with the right.

I failed to properly use the information. I lead the Kd and drew out S4’s last trump. If I lead the off-suit, Js, S4 would have trumped the lead and we would have taken 5 tricks and 2 points.

I know from OE lessons, not to lead trump on a Trick 4 lead. The next step is to consider not leading trump on Trick 3, when you have superior information. S2 knew that S4 had a 3rd trump. The probability that S4 would be void were very high. We could have taken 5 tricks and 2 points with the off-suit lead. This missed point could have cost us the game, in a close game.

The takeaways:
1. Communicate, as S4 did, by trumping higher than the picked up card, to communicate that S4 still had the Td.
2. Use the information. Give your partner a chance. An off-suit lead on Trick 3, would have given my partner a chance to trump in, in addition to having the boss, against the off-suit lead. Drawing trump, eliminated my partner winning the trick with a trump.
3. Recent posts, on the OE General Forum, from OE games, have illustrated this very point. They can be difficult to grasp. Keep reading, remember what you can, then play (OE games recommended, we need more players, save the hands (which is why WoCG is so helpful), replay the hands, and you will understand the wisdom in the posts from the more highly skilled players.
4. Post your questions as well as your hands when you learn something. I just did!

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