2/3 person euchre

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2/3 person euchre

Unread post by erikwagers » Tue Apr 27, 2021 8:13 pm

Okay. Can someone help me please? I've only played 4 player Euchre. I've read the rules for two and three handed Euchre but there's something about it I don't get. What is the dummy hand? How is it dealt? Also, what is the kitty?

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Unread post by irishwolf » Tue Apr 27, 2021 8:59 pm

A dummy an is you deal out 5 to 4 seats (locations) but only activate those 5 card hands for each player. Or alternatively, just deal 5 cards to the 2 or 3 players and the rest are under the upcard called the 'stock' (or called the kitty or talon by some). The 'kitty' is really not the proper name but some locals use that term anyway.
You are playing for yourself (called a round game), no partnerships. You can play to a number of points agreed on for a game. This called Cut-throat Euchre as two can work against the current leader of points. One against one or one against two players in the Old West was a gambling game. You never want to get in a partnership game as a gambling game (too many ways to cheat).

Another version of this is to deal out more than five cards, like seven each if all agreed. Any number can play. There is no upcard in this version (Called Bid Euchre), deal by 1s or 2s & 3s. Starting with left of dealer, you BID for how many tricks (as points) that you think you can make in any of the four suits.

Each player gets a chance to bid in the suit of their choice. Ties go to the first bidder. The highest bidder then leads to the first trick. When you win tricks, each gets 1 point per trick. You set the number of points for winning the game,like 15 or so. If the bidder does not get the number of his contract (bid), he is Set and loses all the points he bid (subtracted from his current score even goes negative). This can be played by 2 to 4 and you can increase the number of cards to 28 or 32 if desired. I have also played this if you want you can Shoot the Moon, bid for taking all the tricks, and double the number of tricks (points) if you win them all (or go negative if not).

So there you go, any questions? This a fun game.


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Unread post by Richardb02 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 9:17 pm

Our local, neighborhood game (very weak players) is played differently. A “real”, “dummy” hand is dealt to the “non-player.” Play continues as typical Euchre, except it is 2 against 1.

I adjust as follows. I order as if playing alone but loosen up my range (I use BPS, I reduce my minimum points by 0.25 or one factor). I count off suit Kings as 75% of an Ace (there is a greater possibility that the King is boss). Likewise I add value to the Left. I’ll loosen up my minimum if the weak, timid, other players are passing too often. There is one re-deal, if everyone passes. This is our local, fun game to create tables of 4 or 3 players, to compensate for the number of players who show up to play Euchre (of some sort). It is fun, as long as you don’t overthink it!

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