The Hands of FridayNightWoCG Final Thoughts

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The Hands of FridayNightWoCG Final Thoughts

Unread post by Tbolt65 » Sat Apr 03, 2021 12:08 am

There were several I didn't get a chance to save, including the one I had misclicked on where I had a fresh Ace and didn't lead it in the middle of the hand. Would have been a euchre too, since partner had the right. I'm still pissed other than that I'm happy with my play.

Other than that to show , there were several two point euchre's that were played well, by multiple players against myself and and with myself.

Also of note there was a hand that the score was 7-7 and this is a tough score to pull the trigger but there was a Donate to put a team to 7-9.

Speaking of donates there was another hand where a team did donate but if teams donating partner didn't play back trump in the middle of the hand, it would have given the team a point and the make up of the end game would have changed drastically.

and last but not least, There was a Hero call in the 3rd seat to donate to save the Game.

All in all again I had lots of fun like I said earlier. I was so envigorated to play and to be in the company of you all. Got the juices flowing again to be playing against top talent as such you all are in my mind. Thanks. Must do it again.


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