The Euchre Workshop now has more options –TAKE TWO

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The Euchre Workshop now has more options –TAKE TWO

Unread post by Dlan » Mon Mar 29, 2021 1:25 pm

So I didn’t test thoroughly all functions before my last post. Ok, my bad.

When I designed the Euchre workshop, I didn’t provide a way to view the table from any other seat position. At that time, my only thinking was ‘what would you do as the dealer’. I have since realized this limited the usefulness of the workshop and what was needed was a way to view the table from the other seats.

I have added new options to do so. What this means is you can now select your cards in any one seat while showing the dealer’s turn card. This allows for the testing of hands as presented on this forum. (note that the dealer is always South)

For example, let’s say you sat in first (always shown as East) and wanted to order up trump, you would first select your hand from the card dropdown box. Click the ‘E’ to show your hand. Select the turn card and click ‘T’. The dropbox will then roll-up. Next, by clicking the ‘deal’ button the remaining seats would fill in.

To play the hand, drag the turn card down to the dealer’s hand. Pick then click the dealer’s discard, moving that card onto the table. Clicking ‘Clear Discard’ puts discard into the unused card stack. Click your leading card, placing it on the table. After each seat plays, click ‘Play the next round’ to continue.

To try with the other seat having different cards, but reusing your hand and turn, click ‘New Cards’. (clicking ‘deal’ a second time may show erroneous results, as would using buttons under a different hand)

You can also replay any hand by clicking the ‘Replay the last hand’ button.


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