Euchre Ordering from R1S3 is difficult

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Euchre Ordering from R1S3 is difficult

Unread post by Richardb02 » Thu Mar 11, 2021 9:48 pm

R1S3, Round 1 Seat 3, aka Pone, requires a strong hand. Three trump including the Left was not enough to take 3 tricks, in this OE Monday Night game. (Feel free to sign up for the games, Monday Nights at 850 PM ET at Monday Night games exist so OE readers playing at a casual level can improve their game).

Click the link below, to see the hand:!replayer ... %3A1%7D%5D

Having 3 trump is usually enough to order except from R1S3. Of course, it can work, but the probability is against you. BPS is an effective approach to make a better decision:
Up (Card_A-H) S3 (Card_J-D) (Card_Q-H) (Card_10-H) (Card_9-D) (Card_J-C)
-.25 R1S3 - indicating R1S3 is a very tough order
0.75 Jd, Left
0.50 Qh
0.25 Th
0.50 3 trump
0.25 1 Void in Spades
-.25 Ah Up Card(Ah worth 0.50 - min .25 (ie 9H) = .25)
1.75 vs 2.50 minimum, BPS strongly recommends pass.
____BPS probability estimates that you lose about .5 point, on average ordering this hand. You will be euchred about 53% of the time.

Can you order R1S3? Certainly:

Up (Card_A-H) S3 (Card_J-D) (Card_Q-H) (Card_10-H) (Card_9-D) (Card_A-C)
2.50 vs. 2.50, this is an edge hand (minimal order). There are many other stronger hands that are good orders.

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