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T3 Lead

Unread post by Richardb02 » Sun Feb 07, 2021 3:55 pm

This is not an OE game:

https://worldofcardgames.com/#!replayer ... %3A1%7D%5D

What would you lead on Trick 3 (Street 3) and why?

Wes (aka the legend)
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Unread post by Wes (aka the legend) » Tue Feb 09, 2021 1:05 am

The AD is the clear best lead for S3 on 3d street. It could walk for the euchre or bring out a key enemy trump that could also lead to a euchre. The QS would be a very poor lead choice in this spot. Trump has not been led yet, your opponents turned down spades. Leading a non-boss spade here plays right into your enemy's strength as one of them is very likely to be void in spades.

Now it just so happens that had you choose to lead the QS you would've euchred your opponents. But don't let results oriented thinking creep in. What matters is what's the best lead in the long run in this spot. The AD lead will get your team significantly more euchres than the QS if you run this spot over and over for a million hands or whatever. That's all that matters. In the short run the cards can always conspire against you.

PS: I would not lead trump in this spot either but it's something to consider given that the maker has already wasted one trump and his P, S4, could always have just one trump himself. IOW leading trump here could possibly take out 2 enemy trump with one lead and that lead also could completely clean out the enemy OF trump those times S2 just called with 2 trump and S4 only has 1. That would be a coup if that happened and could create some chaos the last 2 streets that could lead to a euchre. Problem with this line of thinking is in a passive game--like pretty much all WOCGs vs unknowns are--S2 will almost never call with just 2 trump in that spot. So I'm leading the AD here. Notice if S1 were void in diamonds (he's not but that's the not the point) the correct play for him would be to trump your ace with his unguarded Left as that card is likely useless otherwise and that play would've forced the euchre in this hypothetical.

PS2: Notice the line S3 took--leading the AD on 3rd street--did work. By "work" I mean you ended up creating 5th street chaos which is good! S3's line resulted in the maker having to play a non-boss fresh turned down suit card (KS) on 5th street for all the marbles. Since they turned that suit down in the 1st rd, your P was the one most likely to have the boss spade but he didn't. Such is life.

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