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Euchre Online Partners....

Unread post by ajohnah94 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 12:13 am

Anyone ever play Euchre 3D and hate their computer partner? They’re supposed to have these formulas which tell them how to play a someone please tell me which dumb shit formula they’ve installed into this game that tells them to play a loner hand this way..

My Computer partner in 3rd seat orders up (Card_10-D) and goes alone. Wonderful cause I don’t have any diamonds. I see my computer partner has (Card_J-D) , (Card_J-H) , (Card_A-D) , (Card_K-D , (Card_A-S) after the hand plays out. 2nd seat leads an off suit Ace Clubs that my partner trumps with KD, dealer follows suit. On 2nd suit he plays right bower, takes the 10D by dealer and 9D by 2nd seat. Now here’s where things get stupid...knowing damn well that only the QD is still out there and your left or AD can easily take it and win out the hand...this genius computer decides to play his Ace of Spades on the 3rd trick and got trumped by the QD still out there. HOW AWESOME?? Way to go computer! Even some of the worst human players know how to make that loner (It’s as easy as laying your damn hand down after you won the 1st trick). Makes you wonder if this crap is rigged or not, ridiculous.

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Unread post by DreamboatPat » Wed Dec 05, 2018 3:49 pm

I can excuse a bot player for not making the correct play. It seems most euchre games/on-line bots are designed to give weak players a fighting chance to win.

What gets me upset are those human players that pass when they could easily have made a point. Last night I played with a new partner. He dealt and turned down the (Card_A-D) . I watched the hand unfold and saw that he had the (Card_10-D), (Card_J-H), (Card_A-H), (Card_A-S), (Card_Q-S) . While I try to be a good partner and not criticize others, sometimes that’s hard to do.


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Unread post by RedDuke » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:22 am

A lot of human players are extremely conservative. I can't tell you how many times I've had a partner fail to call while holding Right+2 and a side ace. I've found that you oftentimes have to do the calling for players like this.

What really gets me is partners that don't know how to call next. Instead, they'll cross the stream without realizing that you need a stronger hand to do this than you would calling next (in first seat).

Take a game I was playing last night. I was in third seat, holding both black jacks, the ace of hearts, queen and nine of spades. Turn card was the king of clubs and everybody passed. My partner (in first seat) then promptly calls diamonds and leads king of diamonds.

I of course could not have helped at all with that hand. Well, as it turns out, he actually called reverse next from first seat while holding K-9 and no supporting aces. That might be okay to try from second seat, but not first...

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