Defending Against a Loner Example

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Defending Against a Loner Example

Unread post by Richardb02 » Sat Nov 28, 2020 1:23 pm

Up (Card_J-D)

S4 Orders Alone

S1, You (Card_A-C) (Card_A-S) (Card_10-S) (Card_9-S) (Card_Q-D)

Would you lead the (Card_A-C) or (Card_A-S) ?

I have fallen into the flawed lead of the (Card_A-S)

I was corrected on the General Euchre forum. So I went to the treasure trove of information on OE. I went to “Tips Info” then “Stopping a Loner.” The 1st lesson states, “If you hold 2 aces, lead the ace in the suit you have the least of.” That is the fundamental rule or auto-pilot rule.

Don’t make my mistake and add to the fundamental rule.

Of course, fundamental rules have their exceptions. Wes points out an exception, actually 2 exemptions. But, don’t look at the exception unless you have it nailed. (A Singleton off suit Ace, a Tripleton off suit Ace and either L or A of trump). Learn from my mistake. Do not make the exception a fundamental rule.

Fundamental rules, rule! Read and reread the lessons in OE. Use Tips Info to reference specific topics.

Here is a shortcut link to Tips Info, Stopping a Loner:

Here is the post where I was corrected:



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