Bidding Point System BPS-Basic 090520

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Bidding Point System BPS-Basic 090520

Unread post by Richardb02 » Sat Sep 05, 2020 2:10 pm

Significant change 09/05/2020
BPS.Basic.Minimized [Updated and recalibrated]
Value of Seat & Round
0.50 R1 S1
1.00 R1 S2
-.25 R1 S3
1.00 R1 D4[Note: the Up Card Value will be added later]

0.75 R2 S1
1.25 R2 S2
0.00 R2 S3
1.25 R2 S4

Value of Cards
1.00 Right [1.00=1 trick]
0.75 Left
0.50 AKQ Trump
0.25 T9 Trump (Low Trump)
0.75 Green Singleton Aces
-.25 for every other card in Green Ace suit
0.50 is the value of a Singleton Black Ace
-.25 for every other card in Black Ace suit
0.25 for 1 Void Suit and you have at least 1 trump
0.75 total for 2 Void Suits, 2 Suited Hand, but Kx min.

[Don't overthink the system. Keep it simple. The system estimates potential tricks. A Right is worth 1.0 trick It has a 100% chance of taking a trick. No other card has a 100% chance of taking a trick. Therefore, 1.25 points is required for a 95% confidence to take a trick. Every other value is relative to a Right being worth 1.0. The Left has a 60% chance of taking a trick, value 0.75. An A, K or Q of trump has a 40% chance of taking a trick, value 0.50, etc. They are approximations, not precise values. Ordering/bidding when you count 2.5 points in your hand is based on 1. Count on your partner for 1 trick. 2. You then need 2 tricks. 3.You need 2.5 points, nominally, to have a 95% probability of taking 2 tricks. That assumes that you play the cards with approximately the same skill level as Opponents. 4. Nominally, means that you can still adjust the 2.5 points for a minimum order based on your experiences].

My Ordering/bidding minimums
2.50 Pts S1
2.50 Pts S2
2.50 Pts S3 [If S1 proves he leads trump to S3 order, add 0.25 to the BPS value
2.50 Pts D4

R2 Additions
0.75 R2 S1, Next Call
0.50 R2 S2,Reverse Next Call
0.25 R2, S3, Next Call
0.25 R2, S4, Reverse Next Call

[Strong trump combinations are very powerful and deserve additional points].
0.25 for Rx Lx
0.50 for any 3 trump
0.75 for 3 trump, 2 out of 3 RLA
0.75 for any 4 trump
1.00 for 3 trump & 2 out of 3 RLA
1.00 for 4 trump and a Bower or 2
[Weak combinations that deserve a deduction
-.50 for 1 Trump
-.75 for 0 Trump

[Trump & Aces deserve additional points].
0.25 3 Trump & 1 off suit Ace
0.50 3 Trump & 2 off suit aces [new 102420]

0.50 2 Trump & Singleton Ace
0.75 2 Trump with 2 or more Off Suit Aces
[I must confess, I still overlook these factors]!

Adjust points based on the Up Card
-0.00 R1S1 or R1S3 if the Up card is 9T
-0.25 R1S1 or R1S3 if the Up card is QKA
-0.75 R1S1 or R1S3 if the Up card is Right
[Seat 1 and 3 have to overcome the value of ordering the Up card into the Dealer's hand. If the Up card is 9 or 10 the net value is 0.0 (the adjustment for Seat 1 & 3 already accounts for the minimal value of calling a 9T trump card into the dealers hand). QKA hinders a Seat 1 or 3 call -.25. A Right hinders a Seat 1 or 3 call -0.75].
Conversely, I will add points from S2 for the Up Card
0.25 for R1S2, if Up Card is QK or A
0.75 For R1S2, if Up card is Right (J) BUT:
0.00 if Up Card is R and I want to give D4 a chance for a Loner.

[At this point you can bid your cards relatively confidently. You now need to test your results and ultimately decide whether the BPS is profitable or not.]

[Even basic players, once your understand Partner you can adjust]:
-0.25 for a weak player
+0.25 for a S1 player who leads a trump to a S3 order
+0.25 for a very conservative player (you are bidding for them)
-0.25 if you are the weak player, Opponents are superior

[Even basic players, can confidently order Loners]:
3.75 Points indicates a probable Alone bid. 3.75 points indicates that you almost have a lock on taking 3 tricks. It there are 2 or less, single card stoppers, bid Alone.

BPS 090520 adjusted the Round & Seat values to simplify BPS, under game conditions, by making 2.50 points the normal edge hand for ordering.Ordering Alone changes those valuations, because you no longer have a partner to help you!

When considering a Loner, de-rate your hand to compensate. These are my current recommendations:
0.00 S1 Loners (S3 has minimal impact)
-.50 S2 Loners
0.00 S3 Loners
-.50 S4 Loners

Now, if you have 3.75 Net BPS points you have a 95% probability of taking 3 tricks, IMO. You now only have to consider whether to play for 2 or 4 points.

I count Stoppers and Parlays. I call a Loner against 2.75 stoppers! A 2-Card Parlay is equivalent to 0.25 Single-Card Stoppers. For example, you have RAx (in trump), an opponent must have Lx, to take a trick. That is a Parlay. You have LAT, opponents have a single stopper J and 2 parlays, Kx and Qx. That is 1.50 stoppers, so order a Loner. Note, I would add another 0.25 for a possible void + trump. That makes a total of 1.75 stoppers, I sill order a Loner. If I total 3.00 or more stoppers, I simply order and play for 2, as the most profitable decision. Create a hand and test it with BPS.

4.00 Points screams bid Alone. [If you are getting euchred at 4 points, you need to stop focusing on bidding and work on playing the hand.]

Basic players can even take the score into account:
[This breaks down to 1. your Opponents having 8 or 9 points. In a 10 point game, if they get 1 or 2 more points, they will win. 2. If your opponents have 6 or 7 points, you should consider that they can win with an Alone. 3. If you are behind by 3 or more points, you need to get back into the game. 4. If you are within 1 or 2 points of winning, loosen up a bit].

+0.25 if Opponents have 9 points, loosen up, it is time to be more aggressive
-0.25 if Opponents have 8 points, if you are euchred you lose the game
+0.50 if Opponents have 6 or 7 points and it is the second round
+0.25 if the score is at a disadvantage
+0.75 if Donating (Calling/ Biding to protect a lead) is appropriate
+0.25 if you have 9 points (loosen your bid to try and end the game)
+0.50 if you have 9 points and your opponent has 6 or 7 points

Basic players can also make adjustments from S1 R1:
X.XX Calculate the value of your R2 hand, especially in Next. If your R2 hand is equal to or stronger Than in R1, then pass, go for 2 points! If Opps pass, call Next in R2. Reverse Next passing is more complicated and is discussed in BPS Advanced.

That is the end of BPS.Basics. I have shared my 1.5 years of experience utilizing BPS.Basic. IMO, BPS.Basic reflects the OE lessons and wisdom gained from the OE posts with my “added value” of assigning a numerical value to readily available observations. I still apply my “gut instincts” on edge hands (minimum orders) but rely on the BPS when it concludes that I have a 0.25 advantage. My result has been improved results, confidence and enjoyment playing Euchre.

Advanced concepts (80% of the posts on OE, General Euchre Questions) involve less easily observable card combinations and more nuanced values. Key concepts are euchre hands, stopping hands, Partners, Opponents, the score and Donating. Ask these questions on the General Euchre Question forum. For BPS-Basic, you will be better served on the Beginners and Casual Forum.

Being smart is learning from your mistakes. Being wise is learning from other person’s mistakes! In 2020, I have improved my Euchre by applying BPS-Basic and BPS-Advanced, at our Monday Night games on WoCG, 850 PM ET. Please join us. Monday Nights are OE’s effort to develop many more, wise Euchre players. Any person, participating on OE, is welcome to join us.

This post, is a new thread continuing my previous thread, Bidding Point System BPS - Basic
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Unread post by Richardb02 » Sun Oct 18, 2020 11:56 am

I have modified BPS 090520 today 101820. Significant changes are in red. I have also clarified the wording and made my conventions, ie R1S1, R1S2, etc. more consistent. The information should be easier to understand.

The significant changes were focused in the order a Loner section. The BPS 090520 changes, to standardize ordering at an easier to use and consistent 2.50 points, necessitated the changes to when to order a Loner.

Some values have been adjusted. BPS is based on OE principals, actual game experience and information discussed on this OE forum. Please understand that all changes are based on making BPS 090520 a better decision-making system and strategy, based on better knowledge about the simple but eloquently complicated game of Euchre.

My goal is to continually improve my winning percentage at Euchre. If that is your goal, please post your questions about BPS. There are thousands of views but almost no posts.

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