BPS Modifications!

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What do you think about these suggested BPS changes?

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BPS Modifications!

Unread post by Richardb02 » Sat Sep 05, 2020 1:30 pm

I just had an aha moment! Thank you knglenny, for your post! The BPS minimums have become complicated! The original reason was to keep the Round & Seat factors simple and easy to remember. Unfortunately, they are not simple or ez to remember. Here is my thought:
Current_____ vs.____Proposed
____R1____Min _____R1____Min
S1 0.25____2.25____0.50____2.50
S2 0.50____2.00____1.00____2.50
S3 0.00____2.75____-.25____2.50
S4 0.50____2.00____1.00____2.50

The benefit is obvious. All of the Min’s are now the same! How ez is that to remember. That’s huge!!

There are no significant changes, relatively, when comparing the final BPS point totals. The Minimums are now 2.50, period. The Round & Seat values are no more difficult to remember.

Please answer the poll. Then add your thoughts. Thank you.

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