Yet another beginner Question

A euchre forum, which focuses mainly on the advanced strategies and statistics used by experienced players, can be a little overwhelming to a new player.
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Yet another beginner Question

Unread post by knglenny » Fri Sep 04, 2020 2:54 pm

More of a communication/play style question I think.

I'm in S2 holding

(Card_A-D) (Card_A-S) (Card_9-H) (Card_10-H) (Card_Q-H)

My partner dealing orders up (Card_K-C)

S1 one leads a spade (oops) I take it with my ace and partner throws (Card_10-D)

As my partner was dealing they probably have another diamond. I came back with my (Card_A-D) and regretted it even before the cards play out (my hand was faster than my brain). Opponents trump in, partner had the (Card_Q-D) and we take 4 tricks.

Playing the heart is the right move here correct? Hold the (Card_A-D) for when my partner comes back with it after hopefully clearing some trump from the bad guys.

My thinking is give them a chance to trump in, as dealer they are probably 2 suited or holding a high heart.

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Unread post by Richardb02 » Fri Sep 04, 2020 6:33 pm

Great question!

I agree with your analysis, your R2, Ad lead, is a mistake. As taught, in OE lessons, a R1S4 order, means that Dealer will be able to create a void. So he may have 2 cards, in his R1 discard suit. So do not lead back a diamond (the discarded suit), when the R1 Dealer-Maker orders.

I disagree with your recommendation of leading a heart. I would lead the Singleton As (beyond casual players may disagree)! My logic is based on OE lessons on what to lead, albeit when playing defense. I would lead the singleton next As. A singleton A has an excellent probability of taking the trick. It is a simple approach, so I am less likely to make a dumb mistake.

Having said that, your Tripleton heart lead is reasonable. Your thought process is sound. Dealer/Partner/Maker is likely to trump your lead.

However, he may be over trumped. Then your As, may never have a chance to take a trick. In my simplify, unless proven conclusively-wrong approach, the generality, leading a singleton A of next, is a consistently, solid play. Leading the As also is playing aggressively. Aggressive play is, in general, stronger than passive, finesse plays. Don stresses aggressive play frequently, in his OE lessons and posts. Err on the side of aggressive, basic, easy to replicate, play, until you are in the advanced class. FYI, I am in a casual-purposed category, not the advanced class.

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Unread post by RedDuke » Sun Sep 06, 2020 8:05 pm

The analysis was correct.

If your partner throws off, they usually have something else of that suit. Thus, you should not usually lead that suit. The exception is that if the card that they throw off is the Ace. Then they are telling you to lead that suit... they either have the King or they're void and will trump it.

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