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Play confirmation

Unread post by knglenny » Fri Sep 04, 2020 1:58 pm

Assume equal players, 5-5, I'm dealing. Played this type of hand often, not sure my success rate but this is what I have been doing:

I order up the (Card_K-C) so my hand is:

(Card_J-C) (Card_K-C) (Card_A-H) (Card_Q-S) (Card_10-S)

*I should note, based on how the game is being played out, I might pass in hopes of a next call, but it gets dicey if my partner goes reverse next :lol: Actually now that I think about it, should I ever really be doing that?

Anyway, (Card_A-D) led, I trump in with (Card_K-C) then I threw (Card_J-C) followed by (Card_A-H) taking the first 3 tricks.

Obviously I get jitters emptying my trump by the second trick. Is this the right play?

What if it is (Card_J-C) (Card_K-C) (Card_A-S) (Card_Q-D) (Card_10-D) and hearts are lead and I need to trump in to take the trick? Do I play the same way knowing a black Ace is weaker than a green Ace?

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Unread post by Richardb02 » Sat Sep 05, 2020 1:08 pm

I agree with your concepts. Especially, not passing! LOL.

BPS Calcs:
0.50 R1S4
1.00 R
0.50 K
0.25 Rx or R+1
0.75 Ah
0.25 1 Void
3.25 vs. 2.00 minimum, strong order

R1S4, strong order, you need to order. Passing for a next order R2S4, is not a winning proposition. Until you are advanced, order R1S4, with a strong hand (0.50 or 2 klicks above min, 2.50 defines a strong hand, for this R1S4 scenario and any S4 scenario). FYI, the Advanced Exception, is to pass, attempting to lure an aggressive S1 into a next order. This hand is worthy of consideration, for that reason. If you are interested, create a new post, in the General Euchre Question forum, on the single topic, “Passing R1S4 to lure aggressive R2S2 Aggressive Next Players.” Let’s keep the B&C (Beginner & Casual forum) to basics. Thank you.

My suggestion is, you have a strong hand, play from your strength. Trump is strength. Trumping with your Kc is playing from strength! Leading the Right, is playing from strength. It draws out enemy trump, reducing the odds of the enemy trumping and taking a trick. Leading your Singleton Green Ah, is playing from strength. If it is trumped, your partner still can take the 3rd trick. My advice is to KISS, when possible. In this case, strong hand, lead strong, is KISS.

Keeping your playing strategy simple and consistent, will reduce your “game speed” playing errors. That is a winning strategy.

If it is a Black (Reverse Next) Singleton Ace, instead of a Green Ace), I still lead. Your odds are 15% less but that still is the more profitable choice. Adding a BPS check, BPS is 3.00, still a strong hand.

I just had an aha moment! The BPS minimums have become complicated! The original reason was to keep the Round & Seat factors simple and easy to remember. Unfortunately, they are not simple or ez to remember. Here is my thought:
Current_____ vs.____Proposed
____R1____Min ____R1____Min
S1 0.25____2.25____0.50____2.50
S2 0.50____2.00____1.00____2.50
S3 0.00____2.75____-.25____2.50
S4 0.50____2.00____1.00____2.50

The benefit is obvious. All of the Min’s are now the same! How ez is that to remember. That’s huge!!

Another huge benefit, 2.50 accurately defines a 95% opportunity to take 2 tricks. You take your 2 tricks, partner takes one and the team gets their point. Simple, simple, simple, KISSS. The new Round and Seat numbers are no more difficult to remember, than the previous numbers.

I think that is a winner! What do you think? I will post a poll later, please look for it and answer the poll. But, in the meantime, please post your thoughts.

I have one more aha! With this change, 2.50 BPS now defines a breakeven, 65% opportunity(chance) of success. Since 3.75 BPS defines a 95% opportunity of success, interpolation is consistent! So 2.75 BPS yields a 71% , 3.00 defines a 77%, 3.25, 83% and 3.50 defines an 89% opportunity to take 3 tricks. You simply add 6%, per klick (+.25 BPS), to determine your expectations of success!

I realize, that I am into the BPS weeds! I have lost many readers. Please trust me. This change reflects moving from “building the BPS” to a “refining of the BPS“, to more accurately reflect OE lessons and age-old Euchre lessons. Namely, “order if you can take 2 tricks and count on partner to take 1 trick.” It is really that simple once you learn BPS, apply BPS (at least over 400 hands) and understand that BPS merely uses 0.25 points to count ez-to-see factors, ie 9 or T of trump, a single void, etc.

My hope for you, is to quickly advance you from whatever level you play currently, to a Casual-plus-plus level, very quickly. My approach is based on my personal experience, moving from an absolute beginner to Casual-plus-plus player, very quickly. You can do it too!

Please join us Monday Nights 850 PM ET at WoCG. Sharpen your skills, in real games with calm, understanding players, who want to help you succeed at quality Euchre! The games can be saved and replayed. You can self-analyze and share your questions on this, OE forum. You can not duplicate this opportunity, anywhere else! Don’t miss out! Cya Mondays.

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