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Unread post by irishwolf » Sun Mar 10, 2019 4:09 pm

Ever wonder the possibility of a Perfect loner? We all know a Perfect Loner, has to be of the trump suit: Right, Left, A, K, & Q. Assumes a randomized cards shuffled.

It all depends from where you are, various situations:

Suppose you are the dealer the Jack is up. Before looking at your hand, as 5 cards dealt by you - Perfect hand with the discard is now "1 in 1031" hands/deals. You have to have all four of the JD AH KH QH + any other card. We have all experienced this on both sides. Here you as dealer get a discard and any of the four highest cards can be the upcard, becomes significant. Compare this to those below. Understand the advantage of dealer seat.

Suppose you are not the dealer, and 9H is the upcard, you are at 1st seat. How many deals would it take to get a Perfect loner hand JH JD AH KH QH - ANSWER - is "53,493 deals" to having hearts Perfect loner. I have been playing many years - occurs very infrequently. Here, no discard advantage no upcard and it has to be of the upcard suit, and 5 highest cards. Big expectation.

What if just looking at 24 cards being dealt, a player could potentially have - the five highest before you looked at there cards. Perfect hand - from 24 cards - there are only 4 possible (one each suit) in 42,504 hands from 24 cards 5 to a player answer is "1 in 9410 deals." Of course trump has to be of the hand. If you wanted a particular suit, multiply this number by 4 = 37,640 deals.

So it all depends on where you sit.


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