Always Respect Your Partner

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Always Respect Your Partner

Unread post by RedDuke » Sat Mar 09, 2019 2:51 am

This happened in an online game today and I just had to share it. There's an article on the main Ohio Euchre site that has a sentence that simply says that you should always respect your partner if you want to be a good player and win games. This example shows you why.

The score was 8-1 in our favor. The funny thing is that we had gotten 6 of this points through euchres. Most of the calls were aggressive, sure, but they weren't really bad calls so to speak. What generally happened is that the maker's partner couldn't get a trick because they had either the wrong ace or had no trump. Anyway, this whole situation was causing the one opponent to be insulting his partner, cussing up a storm, and what have you.

That immature (or drunk) guy dealt this hand. I'm sitting in first seat, holding this:

(Card_J-S) (Card_Q-C) (Card_K-S) (Card_A-D) (Card_9-H)

Upcard is the (Card_J-C) .

I pass figuring that I've got the loner blocked and a pretty solid next call for the second round just in case.

The guy in second seat orders up his partner and goes alone.

My jaw hits the floor. Consider what's in my hand and the fact that he just ordered the right into his partner's hand, I'm wondering what in the world he called on.

There's no chance that he's going to make the sweep because the boss trump is in my hand. Acting on a hunch, I lead the Queen of Clubs. The maker plays the King of Hearts, my partner plays the 10 of Clubs. At this point, I can't contain my laughter at thinking about what is going through the dealer's head as he actually gets on the microphone to verbally yell at his partner.

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