4 Questionable Decisions

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4 Questionable Decisions

Unread post by Richardb02 » Sun Jul 25, 2021 3:29 pm

Random WoCG STD game.

I have 4 questions:
1. R2S1 pass. R2S1 passed on a very playable Clubs, Reverse Next order. Was there enough defense to warrant passing and play for a euchre?
2. R2S2 passed on a strong Spades, Reverse Next order?
3. R2S4 had to order since it was STD. Not much to discuss on R2S4’s decision.
4. S4 Street 2 failed to trump down 0-1 in tricks against an ace?


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Unread post by jspectre » Sun Jul 25, 2021 7:56 pm

1. I'm not exactly sure I would call 9K+L and 2 losers a "playable" hand when it comes to crossing the river, especially when you block all suits, including that rare next loner. I'm calling next here if I'm calling anything at all, but I'm happy to pass in this spot since we're up by one, and leave it up to my p whether he still wants the next call.

2. This is a bad pass, period. Making a point in spades is very doable, blocking a march isn't the same as scoring.

3. The dealer made the best call possible in this spot, which happened to be what S2 should have called.

4. The dealer probably hoped his p could get it, but he missed the fact that S1 now doesn't have to do anything, he can just play off, so the dealer has to trump here, whether he tries to go low or put the ace on it.

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Unread post by RedDuke » Sun Jul 25, 2021 9:31 pm

1.I'm not sure I would call 9K+L across the river on this one. R1 has every suit blocked and if the opponents have R+1, he'd get in pretty big trouble with a call on that clubs without any aces to back it up. The opponents are far more likely to have something strong in reverse next. He's got a strong enough hand to stop a loner no matter what the opponents do but that hand isn't really strong enough to call reverse next. If that left was the right, it's worth trying the reverse left call.

If I'd actually call anything, I'd call diamonds. Honestly though, I already know that the enemy can't get more than a single point no matter what. I've got enough strength to help my partner if he's actually going to call. The only way I'd actually try a clubs call is if I'm way behind.

2. S2 definitely screwed up here. He's got enough power in spades to make a point pretty much no matter what his partner has. It's also a reverse next call, which is generally the best call to make from S2. Even if the opposition has enough power to take out that left (which they do), the king and the queen will almost certainly walk. If the dealer can get one trick, it's an easy point.

3. S4 made the same decision I would have made in that spot. Normally, Reverse Next is the best call when the dealer isn't holding enough power in any suit to guarantee two tricks. With two spades and only one club (and not a particularly high one), that was really the best call to make.

4. The dealer was probably hoping his partner could get it and was playing second-hand low. That's a pretty dumb decision against an ace. If that lead was anything but the ace then the dealers decision makes sense. I would have trumped it with the 10S. S1 is probably going to have a diamond, so that gives my partner the chance to get rid of some terrible card. If S1 is void, he's going to have to overtrump me and probably burn a big trump in the process.

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