What to Lead

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What to Lead

Unread post by knglenny » Fri Oct 09, 2020 2:59 pm

R2S1, I hold

(Card_J-C) (Card_10-S) (Card_K-D) (Card_10-D) (Card_Q-H)

(Card_Q-C) was turned down, I call next.

R2S1 = .5
Void = .25
Next = .75
JC = .75
10s = .25
Total = 2.5 (>2.25)

I have been leading (Card_10-S) but I'm just not sure. If my partner doesn't take the first trick, we are down 1, I only have the right to jump in and nothing strong to lead back.

Do I short suit myself? Do I lead (Card_10-D) to set up my (Card_K-D)

I'm sure this is 2nd nature for y'all, but I've been struggling with it.


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Unread post by Richardb02 » Fri Oct 09, 2020 6:15 pm

You used the older version of BPS. That is irrelevant, since the most hands are not impacted.

The major factor, is that you, missed a deduction for only having a single trump.

That deduction reduces your hand to 2.00 BPS points. So I would pass on the hand as presented. (Stronger players may recommend ordering for defensive purposes. That is viable, but is beyond the scope of a B&C discussion. If you want further discussion of this hand, for defensive purposes, please post your question, in the General Euchre section of OE).

The logic of the deduction, is that BPS is designed around average card distribution. Having only 1 trump is not as powerful as having 2 or more trump (average card distribution), in the ordered suit. So a -0.50 deduction is warranted to reflect the reduced “power” of this hand.

To see a viable naked Jc, switch your Qh to an Ah.

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