Basic Euchre Bidding System

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Basic Euchre Bidding System

Unread post by Richardb02 » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:46 pm

Welcome Beginner & Casual Players
Here is a simplified Bidding System to get you started.
Please read through the Euchre Lessons section first.
The key is to identify easily identified factors:

Value of Seat & Round
0.25 S1 R1 [S1= Seat 1, R1= Round 1]
0.50 S2 R1
0.00 S3 R1
0.50 D4 R1 [Note: the Up Card Value will be added later]

0.50 S1 R2 [S1= Seat 1, R2= Round 2]
1.00 S2 R2
0.25 S3 R2
1.00 D4 R2 [D4= Dealer {Seat}4, R2= Round 2]

Value of Cards
1.00 Right [1.00=1 trick]
0.75 Left
0.50 AKQ Trump
0.25 T9 Trump (Low Trump)
0.75 Green Singleton Aces
-.25 for every other card in Green Ace suit
0.50 is the value of a Singleton Black Ace
-.25 for every other card in Black Ace suit
0.25 for 1 Void Suit and you have at least 1 trump
0.75 total for 2 Void Suits, 2 Suited Hand, but Kx min.

[Don't overthink the system. Keep it simple. The system estimates potential tricks. A Right is worth 1.0 trick. It has a 100% chance of taking a trick. No other card has a 100% chance of taking a trick. Therefore, 1.25 points is required for a 95% confidence to take a trick. Every other value is relative to a Right being worth 1.0. The Left has a 60% chance of taking a trick, value 0.75. An A, K or Q of trump has a 40% chance of taking a trick, value 0.50, etc. They are approximations, not precise values. Ordering/bidding when you count 2.5 points in your hand is based on 1. Count on your partner for 1 trick. 2. You then need 2 tricks. 3.You need 2.5 points, nominally, to have a 95% probability of taking 2 tricks. That assumes that you play the cards with approximately the same skill level as Opponents. 4. Nominally, means that you can still adjust the 2.5 points for a minimum order based on your experiences].

My Ordering/bidding minimums
2.25 Pts S1
2.00 Pts S2
2.75 Pts S3 [If S1 proves he leads trump to S3 order, reduce to 2.50]
2.00 Pts D4

This is a great place to start. Start using the System. When the cards values in your hand are equal or greater than the Ordering/bidding minimums, Order. Try it out for at least 400 hands before drawing your conclusions. Every 100 hands analyze hands separate from a game. Post questions about hands. Enjoy gaining greater confidence in your ability to Order/bid.

Now you can have some real fun! Confidently order Loners:
3.75 Points indicates a probable Alone bid. 3.75 points indicates that you almost have a lock on taking 3 tricks. If there are less than 3 single card stoppers, bid Alone. Actually 3.5 stoppers! (Any stopper depending on a parlay, is only 0.50 of a stopper. If you have the R, then a L must be protected, it is a parlay worth only 0.5 as a stopper. An off suit A, Only has a 56% chance of stopping you, it is a parlay worth only 0.50 as a stopper, etc.]

4.00 Points screams bid Alone. [If you are getting euchred at 4 points, you need to stop focusing on bidding and work on playing the hand.]

Next, add Card Combinations
0.75 S1 R2, Next Call
0.75 S2 R 2,Reverse Next Call
0.25 Round 2, Seat 3, Next Call
0.25 Round 2, Seat 4, Reverse Next Call

[Strong trump combinations are very powerful and deserve additional points].
0.25 for Rx or Lx
0.50 for any 3 trump
0.75 for 3 trump 2 out of 3, RLA
1.00 for 3 trump & 2 Boss Trump
1.00 for 4 trump and a Bower or 2
[Weak trump combinations need to have points deducted].
-.75 for 0 Trump
-.50 for 1 Trump

0.50 2 Trump & Singleton Ace
0.50 2 Trump with 2 or more Off Suit Aces

-0.00 S1 or S3 R1 if the Up card is 9T
-0.25 S1 or S3 R1 if the Up card is QKA
-1.00 S1 or S3 R1 if the Up card is Right
[Seat 1 and 3 have to overcome the value of ordering the Up card into the Dealer's hand. If the Up card is 9 or 10 the net value is 0.0 (the adjustment for Seat 1 & 3 already accounts for the minimal value of calling a 9T trump card into the dealers hand). QKA hinders a Seat 1 or 3 call -.25. A Right hinders a Seat 1 or 3 call -1.0].
Conversely, I will add points from S2 for the Up Card
0.25 for S2 R1, if Up Card is QK or A
0.75 For S2 R1, if Up card is Right (J) BUT:
0.00 if Up Card is R and I want to give D4 a chance for a Loner.

At this point you can bid your cards relatively confidently. You can now adjust to your Partner’s skill level:

-0.25 for a weak player
+0.25 for a very conservative player (you are bidding for them)
-0.25 if you are the weak player, Opponents are superior

Keep us posted on your progress and questions. We are here to help.
Edited 1/19/20 +0.25 from Any 2 Trump to Rx or Lx

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