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Join our weekly online euchre games every Fri @ 8:30 pm Eastern

Unread post by Dlan » Fri Jun 11, 2021 11:21 pm

Now two great nights of online euchre.

On Mondays, starting at 8:50 pm Eastern time and goes until 10:00 pm

On Fridays, starting at 8:30 pm Eastern time and goes until 10:30 pm

Complete instructions on how to join/play in our games are listed under the Monday night heading.


You may join an OE game one of two ways. Clicking the green button will seat you at the OhioEuchre table in the next available seat, (#2, #3, or #4, in that order).


Go to the ‘table list’ that is on the lower left side of the screen. Under the Euchre heading, you see Ohioeuchre. Click on any open position to join.
If you don't see an OE table, but you do see people that have registered with the intent of playing, it most likely means there is currently a game is in progress.

Go back and click the green euchre button, starting a new table.

Keep in mind that the person starting the table will always show up, in the first position, on the table list.

When you start a new table, you will be in line for the next game. Once the current game finishes, those players do not immediately start a new game. Instead, they will "get in line" behind anyone else who has already been waiting at a table. So once a game is complete, you will automatically join the next game.

After completing a game, here is a little shortcut to get you into the next OE game. Instead of clicking the home button, Click the “play euchre” button.