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Join our weekly on-Line games every Mon @ 8:50 pm eastern

Unread post by Dlan » Thu Jan 02, 2020 11:23 am

Weekly on-line Euchre at World of Card Games UP-DATE

These instructions are for those running windows 10/Chrome. Other operating systems/browsers may differ.

Start by going to

If you haven’t already done so, start by creating an account at world of card games. To do so, click the register tab at the top of the screen. There is no cost. Simply fill in the name, password and your email. Then press ‘register’. Although not required, it would be helpful if you used the same handle as you use on the OE forum.

Pressing the [F11] button will bring you to the full screen mode, you may not be able to use full screen later.

Next, on the green euchre button (see image below), there is a smaller red “options” button, click that. Your settings should match the image below. Use (change) to change table name.


Then use (more) to add OhioEuchre to the list. You must add OhioEuchre to your list or you will be unable to see our table. Close both boxes by clicking OK (see below for additional info)


Once on WoCG, you may use the ‘Euchre Chat Lobby’ (Red button on right) to let others know you are available to play. A simple message such as ‘Here from OE’ should be enough. All posts have a current time stamp. A post of ‘someone left..’ only means they left the chat box, not the site. To exit chat, use ‘leave lobby’, at the bottom of the page.


Starting or joining an OhioEuchre game:

You may join an OE game one of two ways. Clicking the green button will seat you at the OhioEuchre table in the next available seat, (#2, #3, or #4, in that order).

If you’d like the option of picking your seat, do not click the green euchre button; instead go to the ‘table list’ that is on the lower left side of screen. Under the Euchre heading, you see Ohioeuchre. Click on any open position to join.
If you don't see an OE table, but you do see people that have registered with the intent of playing, it most likely means there is currently a game is in progress.

Go back and click the green euchre button, starting a new table.

Keep in mind that the person starting the table will always show up, in the first position, on the table list.

When you start a new table, you will be in line for the next game. Once the current game finishes, those players do not immediately start new game. Instead they will "get in line" behind anyone else who has already been waiting at a table. So once a game is complete, you will join the next game table by clicking the green button or selecting an open seat from the OE table list.

After completing a game, here is a little shortcut to get you into the next OE game. Instead of clicking the home button, Click the “play euchre” button.


World of Card Games is designed this way to keep waiting time to a minimum. As on-line game tend to move quickly, your wait shouldn’t be long.


To save a hand for later viewing, click the little image to the right of you. (see below) You don’t have very much time to do this, so be quick. The hand will be down-loaded and saved as a text file in your downloads folder “mycomputer > downloads”.

The saved file will look something like this “world-of-card-games-euchre-hand-history-2019-11-26T19-36-05-05_00-6.txt”

To replay the hand, double click on this text file. That will open into your text editor. (Most likely, Notepad, unless you have changed it)
Highlight from https://  all the way to the end of the file.

Press control-c to copy this text.

Paste (control-v) this into your web browser.

This link and a screenshot may also be included in a posting on EO for a hand that warrants more discussion.

Posting an image (screenshot) to the forum.

Of course, you would start by playing back the hand in your browser. Once you get to the image you’d like to use, it must first be saved to your computer.

In windows 10 there are a couple of different ways to do this.

The easiest way is by pressing the “window logo key and the PrtScn” button at the same time.

This will automatically save the image in the ‘This PC --> Pictures  Screenshots’ folder.

The file will be saved with a “.png” extension and look something like this “Screenshot(1).png”

Image files are limited in size to 128 MB ( 128 Megabytes (MB) = 131,072 KiloBytes (KB) )

When posting you will see an “Upload images” button. Clicking this will open a new window box. Drag and drop your image into this box.

A second way to get your image would be to click “browse from your computer”. Find the image file, then double click on it.

Click “Upload”

This will automatically place the code needed to show an image in your post.

Please note that this code will be placed at the end of any previously written text, so if you want to show the image at the top, do this first.

It is suggested to show the image, then the link to the hand first. Any follow up text should be next.

On an Apple device, the procedure will depend on its type.

On an iPad, press and hold the top (Power) button, then press the home button. If your device doesn’t have the home button, you need to use the volume up button. Now release both buttons. The image will be stored in the camera roll folder.

On a Mac, press the shift key, the command key and the number 3 key at the same time. The image will be stored on the desktop.

As I don’t own an apple, I have no way to confirm this information. If anyone has one of these devices and can add or correct the above, please let me know and I will update.

Once you have a copy of the image (screenshot) stored on your devices, the procedure would be the same as in windows.

While posting an image may seem a little complex, it is worth the effort as it lets others see the hand being discussed.

The following additional WoCG website information has been provided by Mayra.

You may use the other spots on table list for any other tables you’d like to create. For example, you may have a family table called "Mom and Pop" or whatever. The first name is the "main" one that applies when you "create" a new table. The "extra" ones will allow you to see any tables with those names in the list of tables. You can have up to 4 extra private table names.

When you set your "bots" Option to Either, it has two effects.

1) It affects what types of tables you will be seated at. It means you may be seated at tables with *any* bot setting - you don't care whether bots are allowed or disallowed. So, you *may* get seated at a no-bots table. Some people don't like being seated at a no-bots table, so they click the "Yes" option for bots. Some people really don't like bots, and never want bots at the table - they click "No". Some people don't care - they click "Either".

2) It affects what type of table you *create*. If you are the 1st person to sit at a table, you 'create' the table. If you have your bots Option to "Either", and you are the first person to sit at the table, then the table will allow bots. So to have a game with bots, you must set your bots option to "Yes" or "Either".
If you want to start a table with "replaceable bots", you should click the yellow panel which reads "Click here to start game with robots. Humans may replace them later". Bots will come to the table, and the game will start, but one or more humans can then *replace* the bots at any time.
Once you click the yellow panel and bots come to the table, the "table info" panel should change to read "Humans Replace Robots: Yes". You will have to open and close the "table info" panel to see the change, though.

Dealing with timeouts at World of Card Games

This is covered in Marya’s post of Jan 7
and reprinted here

Hi! For anyone who is playing at World of Card Games, there are a couple of things that might interest you if you feel the timeouts for playing Euchre are too short.

First, you can pause games that are in progress. At private tables, if half the people hit the Pause button, the game will Pause. You hit the Continue button to restart the game. That clickable link is to a blog page which describes the feature. The Pause/Continue buttons are in the upper left corner of your screen:
The Pause button also works at public tables, but all the humans at the table must click it in order for the game to be paused. So if you want a Pause, click that button and say "pause please" and hopefully someone else will click the Pause button to help you out.

Second, you can apply a special setting at private tables so that the timeouts are 5 minutes long. This only works when you have applied the setting and you created the table (that is, if you were the first one to sit down at the table). So if you want this setting to work for your private tables all the time, then all players who use that private table name must check it. This setting is found in the Settings panel which opens when you click your player name in the upper right corner of the screen. Make sure you check the checkbox next to "Private Table Timer 5 Min".