What to Lead On Weak Next Call

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What to Lead On Weak Next Call

Post by jblowery » Mon Sep 09, 2019 10:40 am

These are typically the weakest calls from 1st seat, after the dealer passes. Let's say you only have a couple of next and no side aces. Would you lead "next" first or one of your junk cards? I think this is a tough one because you don't know for sure that your partner is strong in that suite. I guess he/she needs to be though if you are going to get a point.

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Post by RedDuke » Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:33 am

First of all, there are two reasons to call next:

1. Your partner is more likely to have a bower in that color than the dealer or second seat because if the opposition had a bower in that color then they probably would have accepted the turn card.
2. You don't want second seat or the dealer to go alone.

The first reason is very likely if a jack was turned down. In that scenario, it's pretty likely that the opponents have some serious strength in reverse next. It's a generally accepted rule here that you don't turn down a jack if you have any other cards in the same suit so if that happens, it's a safe bet that the dealer is loaded to the teeth with reverse next.

A next call works better against aggressive players. In my experience, and in that of many other players on these forums that have played a lot of games, most euchre players turn down a lot of hands that could have easily made a point. In some cases, you may even see someone turn down a card when they're holding something like left+1 and a side ace. Against players like this, a next call is less likely to be successful.

Now, with those caveats out of the way, how weak of a next call did you make? If you're holding a couple of next, then your best lead is probably going to be one of those cards, hoping that your partner can take it with a bower. Even if your partner can't take the trick, such a lead would still clear the enemy out of trump, which will hopefully let your partner make any aces that he holds good later in the hand.

If you're holding total trash, say something like this:

(Card_10-D) (Card_Q-S) (Card_10-S) (Card_Q-C) (Card_9-C)

where diamonds is trump, I'd probably lead one of the queens hoping that either my left-hand opponent takes it (giving me last play on the next trick) or that my partner does. Ultimately, the first lead will depend on how many trump I'm holding. Two or three, I'm leading trump. In the example above, turn one of the queens into the nine of diamonds and I'm leading the nine.

If you're in a scenario where the opposition is holding a hand that's going to euchre you no matter what (say they're holding all of the aces and jacks - your partner has total junk too), then you probably just saved your team from a 4 point loner sweep from second seat or the dealer.

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