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Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 12:52 pm
by Dlan
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Please note these options are only available in Full Editor & Preview or Post Reply, not Quick Reply

You may change the appearance of your post by using the 'bbcode' buttons at the top of all "post a reply" pages. When using the "Quick Reply" you will need to click the [Full Editor & Preview] first.
  • (B) This is the BOLD button. Highlight the text you want in bold then click the (B).
    (I) This is the I button. Using this button to show your text in italics.
    (U) This is the U button. Using this button will underline your text.
    (' ') The quote button (shown below) can be used to quote text from a previous post.
    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,

    The next button is the 'list' button. It is being used here to indent the text. Its primary use is for a list of items. Each item needs to be on a new line.

    (color) This button is shown as a rain drop and is used to change the color of your text

    You may select the overall size of your text using the drop down box {Normal}