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Attorney Joke

Posted: Fri Jan 03, 2020 10:25 am
by Richardb02
I was a member of a group that met once a week for beers and to talk politics. Two members were attorneys. Jack had been a JAG (Military Attorney), and had an extremely successful civil career. He presented, and won, 2 cases before the Supreme Court. He was even a good guy.

Jack was also a conservationist. He went on a 2 week trek through the Everglades. He told us about his time in the Everglades. [I saw a joke, that I had heard months prior, unfolding before my eyes!] I ASKED Jack, did any alligators bother you? He said, no. I then asked, do you know why Jack? He said, no particular reason. I said, I know why. [Pause]. Professional courtesy.

Jack didn’t speak to me for weeks!