Euchre Chipotle Burrito Case Study

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Euchre Chipotle Burrito Case Study

Unread post by coolguy69 » Sat Mar 25, 2023 3:59 pm

An important discussion arised at my euchre game, can I leave a burrito in my car and then eat it after euchre? Some say I will get sick, and I don't believe them!!

So I am going to make this thread as a case study on myself to see if I get sick or not from this over the las vegas spring/summer.

I will eat 1 chipotle burrito: white rice, pinto beans, sofritas, veggies, and lettuce (double wrap optional) after euchre for the next 12 weeks and see. I've been doing this for awhile but it's been too cold to really test the theory on myself in a legit way. I'll be editing this post as we go along. I can opt out if I do get sick and in that case concede to the human digestive status quo.

Week 1:
Weather (degrees F): 55
Sick?: No. It was undoubtably too cold. I ordered 3 burritos, had 1 1/2 before euchre (hungry), 1 after euchre (per the case study). I had the other half of the last burrito this morning as well that had been sitting for a while (bonus), and it was amazing.

Week 2:
Weather (degrees F): 69-ish
Sick?: Yes, I have been sick all week :) So I felt sick on the night after eating. But, I ended up being less sick after this! So the burrito did not cause it for sure (just like when I get euchred - not my fault :P) I'm feeling good today fortunately!

Week 3:
Weather (degrees F): 69-ish
Sick?: Nah

Week 4:
Weather (degrees F): 69-ish
Sick?: Nope

Week 5:
Weather (degrees F): 90
Sick?: No sir. It was delicious. Burrito was still warm.... mmmmmmmmmm...

Week 6:
Weather (degrees F): 69 (exact)
Sick?: No. Had 2 burritos instead of 1.

Week 7:
Weather (degrees F): 90
Sick?: No

Week 8:
Weather (degrees F): 100
Sick?: No, very delicious

Week 9:
Weather (degrees F): 90
Sick?: No

Week 10:
Weather (degrees F): 95
Sick?: No

Week 11:
Weather (degrees F): -
Sick?: - (On vacation)

Week 12:
Weather (degrees F):

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