Euchre; Join us Monday Nights at 850 PM ET

A euchre forum, which focuses mainly on the advanced strategies and statistics used by experienced players, can be a little overwhelming to a new player.
We are here to help.
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Euchre; Join us Monday Nights at 850 PM ET

Unread post by Richardb02 » Tue Dec 28, 2021 9:09 pm

We need more players for Monday night at 850PM ET. Every OE reader is invited. The games were established to help OE readers improve their Euchre. There is no condemnation at the table. Save the hands to improve your play. Post the game on the forum for more complete guidance to improve your Euchre. It is simple. Right now, go to:


WOCG (World of Card Games) simple instructions:
Register we recommend same UN, User Name as OE
Then from Home Page click on Options in the green Euchre Rectangle
Registered Players Only
Bots Either
Stick the Dealer No
Private Table
Enter “Ohioeuchre”
Press OK
Now when you are on the Home Page press anywhere on the green Euchre Rectangle
You are seated at the Ohioeuchre table.
Others can join you or you can start with Bots. Others will replace Bots as they join the table.
One other help. If you arrive late, from Home Page, click on “list of tables.” Join the Ohioeuchre table by pressing on the empty square or B for Bots. You will join the table.
You can also enjoy WoCG Euchre from the “list of tables.” You can play with B for Bots, R for Registered player or G, Guests. For better competition choose games marked “ranked, No bots, reg only, std.” You will earn an “Elo” score comparing you to other players.
The reason we use WoCG is that hands can be saved! A little file icon appears after a hand. Click on it to save the game, including complete play of the hands! Review the game. Share the game on the OE forum and start a post that generates suggestions, to improve your play.
Most of all, play Monday or Friday nights. The games exist to improve the play of OE participants of any skill level.

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