Easy Euchre Bidding Point System

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Easy Euchre Bidding Point System

Unread post by Richardb02 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 12:31 pm

Welcome Covid-19 Visitors!
Here is a simplified Bidding Point System to help you enjoy Euchre.
AKA EZ Euchre Strategy for Ordering and Calling and Bidding.
I assume that you know the rules.
The first thing you know is your Seat (S#)
S1 +0.25, you get to lead, it is worth 0.25 tricks
S2 +0.50, your partner is the dealer, that is worth 0.50 tricks
S3 0.00, you have the toughest seat, that is worth 0.00 tricks
S4 +0.50 plus the value of the Up Card, the best seat in Round 1 (R1) of ordering

Next, evaluate your hand:
+1.00 Right or Left (Jack (J) of trump or J of Next (Same color as the trump suit)
+0.50 Value of any other Trump
+0.50 Value of any Ace, that is not a Trump
+0.00 Value of a 4-Suited hand
+0.25 Value of a 3-Suited hand, (1 Void)
+0.75 Value of a 2-Suited hand, (2 Voids)
+0.75 Value of 3 Trumps

Add up the value of your hand, example:
Up (Card_Q-H)
S1 (Card_J-H) (Card_A-H) (Card_A-S) (Card_10-D) (Card_9-D)
0.25 S1 R1 (Round 1)
1.00 Jh
0.50 Ah
0.50 As
0.25 3 Suited
2.50 Points/Tricks

S2 (Card_10-H) (Card_J-S) (Card_J-C) (Card_10-C) (Card_9-C)
0.50 S2 R1
0.50 Th
0.25 3 Suited
1.25 Points

S3 (Card_Q-S) (Card_A-D) (Card_K-D) (Card_A-C) (Card_K-C)
0.00 S3 R1
0.50 Ad
0.50 Ac
1.00 Pts

S4 (Card_J-D) (Card_K-H) (Card_K-S) (Card_Q-S) (Card_Q-D)
0.50 S4(Dealer) R1
1.00 Jd
0.50 Kh
0.50 Qh (Dealer gets the up card
0.75 2 Suited (Dealer discards Qd, making him 2 suited)
0.75 3 trump
4.00 Pts

Now compare the point value of your hand to the points needed to give you a 2/3rd or greater probability of taking 3 tricks. The points needed is nominally based on 1.00 point equaling 1 trick and you need to take 2 tricks, while counting on your partner to take the 3rd trick. So you need 2.00 points, nominally, to order. I have adjusted The nominal points based on my testing to:
S1 2.25 Pts
S2 2.00 Pts
S3 2.75 Pts
S4 2.00 Pts

So using the above example hand:
S1 Order: 2.50 Pts v 2.25 needed
S2 Pass: 1.25 Pts v 2.00 needed
S3 Pass: 1.00 Pts v 2.75 needed
S4 Order: 4.00 Pts v 2.00 needed (Consider a Loner. See below)

R2 (Round 2) Adjustments to Seat Value
You only have to make these adjustments for R2:
0.75 S1 R2
1.25 S1 R2 Next (explained below) call
0.75 S2 R2
0.50 S3
0.75 S4

Based on the sample hand above:
1.25 S1 R2 Next (Ordering Diamonds, the same color as the Turned Down Qh)
1.00 Jh
0.50 9d
0.50 Td
0.50 Ah
0.50 As
0.75 3 trump
5.00 Pts - much higher than 2.25 points needed to order
____ In fact 3.75 Pts is the point to consider a Loner
____ This hand deserves a discussion on the regular OE forum

0.75 S2 R2, ordering clubs
1.00 Jc
1.00 Js
0.50 Tc
0.50 9c
0.75 2 Suited
0.75 3 or more trump
5.25 Pts - much higher than 2.00 needed to order
____In fact 3.75 Pts is the point to consider a Loner.

0.50 S3 ordering diamonds (Next, diamonds is preferred over clubs, reverse next, _____when ordering from S1 and S3)
0.50 Ad
0.50 Kd
0.50 Ac
0.25 3 Suited
2.25 Pass, still short of 2.75 needed to order

0.75 S4 R2 ordering spades (Reverse Next, spades or clubs, is preferred from S4 and _____S2 over Next, diamonds)
0.50 Ks
0.50 Qs
0.25 3 Suited
2.00 Order this marginal hand. Note it is very unlikely to reach S4 R2.

That explains an Easy 15-Criteria Euchre Bidding System, that you can learn to use in 15 minutes.

I recommend going to World of Card Games and playing with the “Bots”, to learn to apply the EZ BPS. The bots are patient while you learn to apply EZ. You can then play humans on the same website. You can advance to ranked games on WOCG. Then join us Monday nights 9 ET for the weekly Ohio Euchre game.

This EZ BPS is easy to expand to the BPS (Bidding Point System) also on this forum.

Cya at the tables!

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Unread post by Richardb02 » Sun May 10, 2020 8:55 pm

(Card_A-S) has been turned down,
You are in S1 (Seat 1), R2 (Round 2) and you hold:
(Card_J-D) (Card_K-D) (Card_J-H) (Card_A-C) (Card_10-S)
Would you order?
What suit?
I recommend that you apply the guidance in in this post, Easy Euchre Bidding Point System, to determine your call or pass.
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