So you want to learn to become a good euchre player?

A euchre forum, which focuses mainly on the advanced strategies and statistics used by experienced players, can be a little overwhelming to a new player.
We are here to help.
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So you want to learn to become a good euchre player?

Unread post by Tbolt65 » Wed Apr 28, 2021 12:17 pm

I posted the following in the main thread but I want to post it here so that the beginners and casual players can understand a little bit about becoming a good euchre player.

First I encourage everyone, to check out "Tips Info", "Euchre Lessons", and "Euchre Errors" That can be found at the top of this website as Tabs. If you are unfamiliar with the Rules of the game refresh your mind by Checking out the "Euchre Rules" Tab. These are highly informational and you can read them at your own pace. They will help anyones game and understanding of Euchre. If you do have questions feel free to ask. Don't be intimidated by the site or information. We all had to learn too so we understand. We are here to help. Now onward to my thoughts to what does it take to become a good euchre player.

Hi everyone. There is some stuff I'd like to just throw out there in regards to Euchre.

I'm going to ask some questions out loud here. Just to keep the line of thought going and hopefully through it all you guys can follow what I'm saying.

What makes a Good Euchre player? Scratch that. What Qualities ensure that someone might head down the road to become a good Euchre player......eventually?

A few things come to mind. 1. Being a Critical thinker, and always analyzing each play, move or call one makes. Right? Makes sense, seems logical. 2. Getting as much experience in seeing different situations play out against a variety of skilled or less skilled players and see what situations warrant what kinds of plays that could be expected to bring forth a positive expectation or out come. Right?

Would it be advantageous for someone to keep playing a lesser skilled opponents most of the time, or say a more skilled opponent? Who would you think have a greater learning curve? For example in mathematics. Lets say I'm in school in the 2nd grade and I'm learning the basic Addition in math ie" 1+1=2, 2+2=4 and so on. Now how much would I learn in math if I never left the manual or trainings of simple Addition? Everyone Follow me so far? Good. Would it not also be of help to have someone fact check or go over the way one might structure or set up a particular problem in math or Euchre for that matter? Ie: going over hand play, leads, card signaling(with in the play of the hand; Not the cheating kind) and open critique of why a certain line or ploy is not right for various situations and verse various opponents? Then go apply it in game play against others players to see what they have learned is applicable or not? It's a continuous rinse and repeat cycle until one hones in on the various nuances and facets that Euchre has to offer. One then begins to see that Euchre is a game of Adjustments. Continously. If one remains stagnant then you become predictable. At the same time though your thought process and modus operandi has the core principles of the game of Euchre. The basic principles, the intermediate ones and of course the Advance ones. With these core principles and learnings you can then dissect them accordingly and apply it as needed with-in your game of Euchre. Over time you develop a play style. It may be a rigid one, It may be a flexible one. In either case your becoming more and more defined and refined of a euchre player. As long as one keeps an open mind you will continue to grow, either little by little over time or perhaps exponentially as you go.

For some people Euchre is not taken serious so a lot wont seek out advice. They wont look to get better they are just there to have fun. Nothing wrong with that. As for the competitive player. The player who see's a challenge in the game wouldn't you think that naturally one would aim to get better? With just that competitive attitude alone? He/she is bound to pick up new things here or there by mere playing experience. You would think right? But alas some people don't while others do.

If people keep making the same mistakes or having a flawed sense of logic, they will never get better and always think there is nothing else to learn. Life is about learning its a constant. So is euchre. It's quiet a simple game but yet, with so many options and variable(s). If you are here on this forum. You are the players who wish to getting better. Seeking more information, more knowledge and trying to understand the ways what might best take you to that Next level of euchre playing.

Remember my fellow euchre enthusiast, stay hungry. Always test things out. Don't be shy to ask questions. Always try to figure out, "Could I have played this differently? What could Have I done better"? These will help you on your quest to be the best euchre player that "YOU" can be. Surround yourself with information and people that will help foster and compel you to become a better player.

Take care and I'll be seeing ya at the tables.


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Unread post by Nobilis » Thu Dec 08, 2022 2:54 pm

I started off just learning this game for fun, because I had an upcoming visit to relatives who, for years, were Euchre players, and sadly I had never learned. So, I came trying to figure it out so that I wouldn't completely humiliate myself at table. The visit came and went, and laughingly, no one played Euchre, but by then I liked it enough to play against bots.

At first I failed dreadfully. There is a site where the bots are kind to newbies. Then I found this site with all the tips, and opened every one and took notes, with the exception of blocking, because that sounded too advanced for me. I became beginner good with bots, so it took a lot of courage to actually play against people. What a switch. There are timers and you need to think quickly. I am afraid I made more than a few people unhappy with my ignorance. So, rather than upset any more people, I did 2 things. First, I went back over all the notes from here, and reduced them to point form. Then tried memorizing them. Second, I then found a site where the bots can be selected easy, medium, or hard. I discovered that I did a fair job against the easy bots, but unchallenged against the medium bots. So I deliberately chose/choose to play against the hard bots. Why? Because that way I will learn.

Now I analyze my mistakes. How could I have played that better? My aim is to try to play every hand at the absolute best that I can. When I fail I try to figure out why, and correct it. I am still going over my notes.

I have made some tentative tries at playing with actual people. On one site I do not do very well against ranked players, but on another I am actually better. My cheeks are still burning from the chat comment from my partner: We could have had two points! Sigh. He was right.

Working on being the best player I can be.

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Unread post by raydog » Sun Dec 11, 2022 5:31 pm

I don't know if this is actually possible where you live, but I would advise playing live games with real humans around a table with a real deck of cards. And perhaps a couple of beers. The time pressure is a lot less than on-line, you can ask questions if you are unsure how to play (most experienced plays are more than happy to share what they know with you, perhaps not during the hand but certainly after), and it is simply so much more fun and social. I think that is the quickest way to become a better player.
If you do locate some people to play with but it is difficult to physically get together, I would recommend playing on the Trickster site, because you can set up a private game and use the video feature - the next best thing to being there.
Good luck!

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Unread post by Nobilis » Sun Dec 11, 2022 7:19 pm

Thanks so much for the kindly reply. Sadly, it seems that Euchre is not popular where I live. It is in a number of different states/provinces but not here. I will see if I cannot start one here somehow, or I will take up your suggestion.

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