Welcome Beginner Euchre & Casual Euchre Players

A euchre forum, which focuses mainly on the advanced strategies and statistics used by experienced players, can be a little overwhelming to a new player.
We are here to help.
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Welcome Beginner Euchre & Casual Euchre Players

Unread post by Richardb02 » Sat Jan 11, 2020 7:39 pm

Thank you for visiting OE (Ohio Euchre)’s website and joining the forum.

I had never played Euchre but the community that I moved to had Euchre at the clubhouse. I wanted to meet the neighbors, as well as network for business, and Euchre would provide fun, socializing and networking. I found OE.

My journey started with the Euchre Lessons tab. The information quickly taught me the basics of how to play winning Euchre. I used what I learned on line and was impressed that my skill level was already above average. I played in the neighborhood games and my skills were above the average neighborhood player!

I was then humbled by the Euchre Skill Quiz. I reread the lessons. After about 6 tries, I achieved 100% score!

The next step was to visit the forum. It was over my head! 80% of the time, I could not follow what the Euchre geniuses were talking about! So I read and rarely posted because I couldn’t even compose a good question. But I blazed a path for you! Eventually I actually contributed questions and even opinions, backed by evidence, that earned responses that made sense.

I am still a casual player (compared to geniuses {99% work/playing and 1% inspiration, credit to Edison}), but a casual player that wants to improve my Euchre skills. I realized how difficult it was for similar players to participate on the forum.
That is what motivated me to ask the OE founder, Don Bunn, who created and administrates (as Dlan) this fabulous website, to create a Welcome Beginners & Casual Euchre Players section to this forum.

This is the place to post Euchre questions if you are in the Beginner to Casual Player level. When you are ready please enjoy the “General Euchre Discussion.” But, don’t get frustrated with “Advanced Euchre” discussions. Stay here where posters know that you are not ready for the detailed intricacies. We want every skill level to enjoy this website and to increase their enjoyment of this wonderful game of Euchre.
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