Misfortunes of St Matthias (2nd Annual)

List all Euchre tournaments in Wisconsin Here. Please include location, time + date. Cost, Type (partners, progressive, ect). Contact information for your event.
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Misfortunes of St Matthias (2nd Annual)

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**To reserve your spot, email the [email protected], or visit EuchreistLeague.com**

Entry: $10 USD/player ($20 USD/team)
Location: 3807 S Packard Ave, St Francis, WI, 53233
Payout: Top 2 teams
When: Saturday, April 13th, 2018

Hello Euchre Players!

Our group (The Euchre-ist League) is putting together a set partner Euchre tournament being held at the 42 Ale House on April 13th, starting at 2pm. The tournament will consist of 6 rounds, and each round will be first to 10 points.

The tournament is open to any player who understands the game and is looking for a group that continually hosts events on a regular basis. Entry buy in will be $10 USD ($20 USD per team) along with a $1.00 euchre fee for each euchre accrued during game play to be added to the reward pot. Payouts will be dependent on player turnout, which will be capped at 32 (16 teams) for this event.

The 42 Ale House is a bar/restaurant able to accommodate individual needs with drink and food. We have reserved the backroom to minimize distractions and concentrate the tournament in one centralized location to help move the tournament along; we anticipate the tournament will last up to 5 hours. We will have audio and visual capabilities to make announcements and display updates throughout.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact us for information regarding this event. Again, email us sooner than later as this event will be limited to 32!

Thank you again for checking us out and we hope to see you on April 13th!

-----About Us-----
The Euchre-ist League is a homegrown, Euchre-centric group that hosts tournaments and games within the Greater Southeastern Wisconsin area.

Along with our tournaments, The Euchre-ist League hosts an official podcast, Table Talk, a weekly discussion of League happenings, announcements, and guest appearances from our League members. For our newer players, we also have several opportunities for pick up games between big events to help teach, forge partnership (for partner events), and build our community.

To learn more, we hope you'll visit EuchreistLeague.com or email us at [email protected] for information and any questions!

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