Euchre Quiz question #4

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Euchre Quiz question #4

Unread post by raydog » Wed Sep 29, 2021 7:22 pm

I disagree with the answer here. I think the idea is that partner in 1st seat, being an experienced player, knows to lead trump, and the hope is that this rids dealer of her only trump. After a monte carlo simulation of 100,000 hands with my euchre program, I find that 1st seat / 3rd seat do indeed win 59% of the hands for 1 pt. But this means they get euchred 41% of the time for an average expected loss per hand of 0.24 pts. If 3rd seat passes, on the other hand, and dealer picks up, dealer and her partner never make more than 1 pt., and get euchred 43% of the time. If dealer passes, 1st gets first pick in round 2, and indeed 1st seat / 3rd seat earn far more pts. (net average expected gain of 0.28 pts if 3rd seat passes, 1st round).
I think this is a case of "expert intuition" not really holding up under the vast array of real-life hands. And it's not even close (losing a quarter of a point vs gaining a quarter of a point).

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Unread post by Richardb02 » Tue Oct 05, 2021 9:04 pm

Welcome raydog to Ohio Euchre. I am sorry that your question has not garnered any traction.

Here is a link to the question I think you are referencing. You do have to scroll to Question 4:

Please let us know if this is the hand that you are referencing.

You may want to post your question and a link to your question on the “General Euchre Question” section of the forum. Many readers may miss your question on the “Comment about this Website” section.

Your question is excellent and should lead to a vigorous discussion if posted in the General Euchre Discussion section with the appropriate link.

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