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The Euchre Workshop

Last update on Feb 22, 2021:

There was a time when the only way to test a euchre hand was to lay it out on a table and simulate playing the hand. While that worked great, if you wanted to try a different strategy you had to start over by re-dealing. However, when using the OhioEuchre workshop, re-dealing is no longer necessary. Simply select your cards once and replay them as many times as you'd like.

The new OhioEuchre Workshop

Do you wonder what would be the best way to play a hand? The workshop can help you determine the best strategy. Try running a hand at least 10 or maybe even more times, that way you can determine the percentage of successful calls. Making a point 65 to 70% of the time is generally what you are looking for.

Previewing hands is one of the easiest ways to learn and understand the card distribution possibilities. This allows you to gain valuable experience quickly.

You have 3 separate ways of testing hands

1. "Deal all 4 hands"

A way to automate the process of dealing all hands in front of you, Want a different hand? Simply click Deal all 4 hands again. Want to re-play that last hand? Click "Replay the last hand".

2. "Select dealer + Turn"

Using the card drop-down box, you select the dealer's hand (south) and then the turn card.

"Random deal E-N-W"

By using the industry-standard fisher yates method of shuffling cards, east, north, and west seats are automatically dealt. Should you want to see other hands while keeping the same dealer and turn cards, simply click "Replay w/new E-N-W". Here you can view different opponent's hands, making this feature useful in deciding your chances of a call being successful. For example, can you make a point when holding two trump and picking up the third seat?

3. "Select individual seats"

Here is where you could set-up and play a specific hand.

This is useful when you are trying to decide if there may have been a better to play a given hand. The selected cards are saved and you can replay them many times.

Using 'Card select drop down' box

The OhioEuchre Workshop drop down

This is where cards are selected by checking the box on the left side of the cards name. Once a card has been placed in a hand, the check box is hidden. After the turn card is chosen and used, the selection box will move out of the way.

Using the turn card

The OhioEuchre Workshop drop down

First, drag the turn card down to the dealer's hand (The dealer is always in the south seat.) Then click your discard to bring the card onto the table. Now click the "Play the next round" button at the bottom of the screen, thus discarding it

Replay the last hand

This will re-deal the last hand played. It works the same for all menu selections.

Select trump

Only shows a trump suit pip, used only as a reminder on the table.

Playing the hand

Clicking a card will move it onto the table. After all seats have played, use the "Play the next round" (below table) to clear.

The Tricks E/W and N/S buttons are used to keep track of tricks taken.

Start over, all new cards

This resets all card checkboxes in the selection drop down and clears the table. It also clears hands saved for Replay.

The euchre workshop is just one more tool to help you become a better player. It is used on-line so there are no risky downloads.

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