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OhioEuchre's Euchre Workshop

An interactive testbed for trying different
strategies and more.

The new OhioEuchre Workshop

Welcome to OhioEuchre's Workshop

There was a time when the only way to test a euchre hand was to play it out on a table, but we now live in a new age. Computers with sophisticated graphics are commonplace. Today's web browsers allow us to do things unheard of in the past. In keeping with these advances, OhioEuchre now offers a way to experiment online. Here we offer an easy to use interface to test euchre hands. Simply select your starting cards with a few mouse clicks and the computer will randomly deal the rest. Play out the hand and see the results. This gives you the chance to test different scenarios.

Do you find yourself situations where you want to want to call, yet are unsure of what cards may be against you? Are there times when you think, darn, I could have made a point! I shoulda tried. Perhaps I could have played alone. Learning when to call and understanding card distribution takes time. Now with just a mouse click, you can take a short cut to gain valuable experience.

The workshop allows you can see what your partner holds. Does their hand complement yours? What would be the best way to play this? You can run a hand 10 times and determine how many times you could have made a point. This helps you decide what the best strategies may be for any given hand.

Visit our all-new euchre workshop. There are no risky downloads; nothing to buy, just one more tool provided by Ohioeuchre to help you become a better player.

The workshop has its limits:

   * It is not a game.

   * It will not play against you.

   * If you tell it to renege, it will.

   * If you tell it to play out of turn, it will.

It is the same as sitting at the table with a deck of cards. Except this is faster and you don't need to shuffle.

A couple of things to note.
On most devices full screen mode works best.
You must click directly in the text to make a button work.
Start by clicking *Setup your hand*
The select trump is there to serve as a reminder.

With all that being said, this is a work in progress. It is my hope to add more features in the future. This is the first time I have done anything with Java Script. It is a fascinating language with lots of possible uses for any website. It has also taken every brain cell I have to get the workshop this far. Therefore, if anyone with coding experience would like to offer help or suggestions, it would be appreciated.

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