Welcome to Ohio Euchre's Euchre Workshop

* Using the turn card *

First drag the turn card down to the dealer's hand (The dealer is always south) Then click your discard to bring the card onto the table.
Now click the "Play the next round/Clear Discard" button at the bottom of the screen, thus removing the discard

* Playing the hand *

Clicking a card will move it to the table. After all seats play, use the "Play the next round/Clear Discard" button

* Tracking total hands tested *

The bottom buttons are used to track the results from all tested hands *Clear total* only clears bottom tracking row

* Card select drop-down *

         Here you select the 5 cards used for one hand.

* Next 4 boxes used to show hand,turn,seat position *

   Here you set-up your hand plus the turn card. Select the table position where your cards will show. Seat position boxes are marked [S] [E] [N] [W]. Turn card [T].
[Deal] Populates the remaining seat positions.
[Repl] Replays the hand over. (Click Repl first, before New)
[New] Change the other seat's cards with the same hand/turn card.
   The primary use is for 'what-if' situations, as you may reuse cards dealt and test other possible hands.      Please note, clicking [deal] a second time or using the buttons under a different seat line or seat position may show erroneous results.

* Random deal of table *

This will deal all 4 hands along with the turn card

* Select individual seats *

All hands are selected 5 cards at a time using the card drop-down box. Clicking the [S] button will place cards in South seat. [E]=East .... Seats my be selected in any order

* Replay the last hand *

Replays the last hand using the same cards.

* Show trump suit *

Shows a trump suit reminder on table.

* Buttons at bottom of screen *

"Tricks" buttons are used to track tricks taken *Auto reset*

"Total" buttons for tracking "what-if" totals *Manual reset*
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All card selections are made here

Ace Diamond  Ace Heart 
King Diamond  King Heart 
Queen  Diamond  Queen Heart 
Jack Diamond  Jack Heart 
Ten Diamond  Ten Heart 
Nine Diamond  Nine Heart 
Ace Spade  Ace Clubs 
King Spade  King Clubs 
Queen Spade  Queen  Clubs 
Jack Spade  Jack Clubs 
Ten Spade  Ten Clubs 
Nine Spade   Nine Clubs 


West →

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