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I received an e-mail from a viewer in Michigan yesterday asking about the technical side of OhioEuchre, so here goes. The system that I do most of the coding and design work is powered by an AMD Quad Core processor running at 2.21 gHz with 8 GB of Ram. Storage is provided using 2 Western Digital 1 Terabyte hard drives. Viewing is done on Two 23" monitors. The Operating System is Windows XP Pro.

Everything is hand coded and done on this machine. The pages are written using a combination of CSS and HTML with PHP handling the background databases. The first pages were coded using a simple html text editor called Arachnophilia. For the past year I've been using Coffee Cup, a program that is also a text editor but it has many features that saves a lot of typing. Coffee cup also includes a spell check along with a build-in FTP program. This allows for the up-loading of web pages to the hosting server with just a mouse click. Very cool.

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