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We are proud to announce
the next exciting stage in the
evolution of OhioEuchre.

Last update on: Apr 22, 2018

After being active for the last 9 years, it's time to close the comments that once ended most pages. These showed on 70 different ones and they were getting almost impossible to maintain. It required the checking of individual pages before I could respond. As you may have noticed, I was not keeping up.

With this, I am announcing the opening of a new section. This new area will allow me to focus more on adding content and maintaining the site itself. These will also others to help without the tedious task of checking every page. The goal of OhioEuchre has always been to promote Euchre and help others become better players. I hope you will find this area to be a valuable resource.

There are many new features. Here it will be possible to 'speak 'with other euchre players from around the world. You will have to the opportunity to ask questions, offer advice or share information. The one part I'm most excited about is the ability to offer euchre surveys with multiple choice questions.

Our new message board/forum 2

The OhioEuchre Community Forum

Just like talking Euchre with like-minded individuals? Have a question on how to play a particular hand? Would like to share your expertise with other Euchre players from around the world? The OhioEuchre forum is designed just for you.

Just learning? Our forum includes a entire section dedicated to those that are new to Euchre.

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