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The Basics of Playing Euchre

Euchre Quiz #1

Understanding the fundamentals of euchre

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Here are 20 questions for the new player.
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Euchre is a great social card game. It is a relatively simple game to learn, but becomes increasingly complex once you understand the fundamentals. The most difficult part for many new players to grasp is the rank of the cards. This is because once trump has been named, there will be cards that will change their rank and suit. You will also need to know how to keep score.

Here are 20 questions to test your knowledge of how the game is played. Get a perfect score of 100 and you are on your way to learning what a truly great game euchre is.

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1) How many cards are in a standard euchre deck?

2) In a given hand, how many possible trump may be in play?

3) In the suit known as next (the other suit in the same color as trump) how many possible cards may be in play?

4) After the deal is complete, what is the total number of cards left in the kitty

5) What is the highest-ranking trump
The jack of the named suit
The ace of the named suit
The jack of the opposite colored suit

6) When the deal is complete you may
see the all cards in the kiddy
only see the turned up card
take any one card from the kiddy

7) Who gets to lead the first card
The person that sits left of the dealer
The person the just dealt
The person that sits right of the dealer

8) You may order your partner
at any time
only when it is your turn to bid
at any time but you must play alone

9) When you deal and your partner names trump, you
can override their call and go alone
pick up the card, place it in your hand, then discard
can refuse to pick up the card

10) )If you are the dealer and turn up a jack you
must hold that suit to pick it up
may pick it up
may pick it up but you must go alone

11) You are the dealer and turn up a jack, your opponents
need to have that suit in their hand before they can order
may order with/without holding, but they must go alone.
may order without holding that suit if they want to

12) As the dealer and when discarding, you should
always discard your lowest card
always discard next
try to create a void

13) If sitting in 1st seat and the dealer passes you should
also pass, most times you get be euchred
bid in any suit that you have an ace
consider bidding in next

14) When your team names trump and takes 2 tricks
your team gets 1 point
your team get 2 points
the other team gets 2 points

15) When your team names trump and takes 3 tricks
your team gets 1 point
your team gets 2 points
your team gets 4 points

16) When a team member goes alone and takes 5 tricks
your team gets 1 point
your team gets 2 points
your team gets 4 points

17) When you can not follow the suit that was led to you
must trump in
may play any card in your hand
must play your lowest card

18) When the left is led and you hold the right plus one more trump you
must overtake the left with your right
may play the lower trump
may save all your trump until later

19) Let's assume hearts is trump, someone leads diamond, you hold the Jack of diamond and the rest are black cards, do you
are required to play your jack of diamonds
may play your jack,
must play a black card

20) In evaluating a hand, what should be taken into consideration when deciding to call alone?
Your seating position
The cards you hold
Will your partner make the hand stronger
All of the above


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