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Test-Your-Euchre-Skills - Section 2

On # 4, why would you order the dealer up and possibly give them 2 points if you are euchred, when you have the Ace of Diamonds backed up twice(Ace protected), and can stop the loaner, and only give one point. I put that I would pass, thinking I am defending a possible loaner. Any insight on why that is the wrong play?


The key to this answer is that "Your partner is an experienced player" knowing this, At this score, our partner would have 'Blocked' a possible lone call if they didn't have the lone stopped. This means they must have hold at least Left-X or better in their hand. You now know where 5 trump are. It's a sure point. I talk about this in "how to stop a lone call".
This is partners game. You and your partner must work as a team.

Here is a euchre question for you. Using the info in question 1, but say the dealer picks up the Q clubs. What would your first lead be?


IMO the best lead would be one of the bars followed by the Ace of hearts. They most likely hold 3 trump, leaving two in the wild. Leading a bar should clean some of these out. Ace of hearts has the best chance of being good. Last bar for the euchre. (ya, there may be a couple of ways they could make a point)

--> That's the way I would also. Just figured I would give the readers of your post a possible solution to the hand that wasn't passed.

#1 seems silly -- just lead high to low and great chance of getting two points. Leading Ace has a good chance of being trumped. Of course, it didn't say what was played by others.

Thank you for putting this together - always looking at ways to improve my game. The first time I took it, I got a 72 based on my gut reaction. I went back on some of the questionable ones and got an 88. I then gamed the quiz to figure out the answers.
#8 has two right answer, either trump will do. I suppose the lower would be better in the case where the dealer is stretching.
#7 is total guessing.
#9 risks being trumped, instead of making the ace good.
Seem like this quiz should have a more definitive answers instead of these arguable choices.


It seems that the first time you took the test you had a 48. It took you 18 tries to get them all correct. I do hope you read the info presented on this site. It will help with your understanding of Euchre.

The fact that most of the answers are wrong shows why "Ohio" players can't hack it in the big leagues.


THE FACT IS you never took the quiz. and yes I have ways to check that and more.
Like most people that troll, you are clueless
BTW how's the weather in Chicago

The quiz is weak at best the "correct" answer might be good for beginners but seriously most of the theory applied here is not good practice for advanced players. I could easily debate every question posed as an incorrect answer to be advanced you need to consider all 5 tricks on each hand and play out the scenerios in your mind. Never should you choose to be 3 suited even if it requires discarding an ace. Never should you trump left when sitting in the third seat holding right and another trump on first pass you still have 2 nuts play the weak trump and if you miss oat the next two hands for your partner. Throwing left makes no sense there unless you are a rookie or a bot sorry. These are just a couple corrections to your theories.


With your score of only 44, It’s interesting that you would use the term ‘advanced players’. You missed questions that even beginners would know the answers. Take, for example, question 5. Do you really think it’s best to pass with three trump and a green ace? Enough said……

On the first question, I would lead the jack of spades second before either ace. I was not able to determine the correct answer according to you. Lots of strategies but no definitive answer. I really would have gone alone, lead both bowers, then the aces and finally the 9. Why was that incorrect? Makes me wonder about the other answers that showed me incorrect.


Yes, It is possible to play that hand alone. As I'm sure you are aware, lones can sometimes be made holding only a single bower. BUT that was not the question. From the choices offered, what lead would give you the best chance of making a point?

--> The best chance of making a point is to reduce the number of trump available to steal either or both of my aces. Aces are no good until trump is gone. Also, the correct lead would depend on who played trump on the first lead. We were not told.

I disagree with #'s 1, 2, 12 and 14.
1-even though u only need 2 play'em strong
12-if all pass, next has the same odds and u didn't expose u hand if someone is foolish to order.
14-loaner stopped. Partner's next call is best.
I'd love your thoughts
We play at the next level in michigan. LOL


Q-1, At this score, the last thing you want is to be euchred. Take the safe route. Q-2, I'm not giving away the answer, but more is always better. Q-12, see below. Q-14, Re-read tip section on reverse next

I too found many of the situations not the result of skilled playing and/ or partnering hence making the data collection of this slightly useless. Since I am personally unable to see my results, as the page simply reloaded after the test, I can only tell you that my answers were all correct in the event that you had misplayed a card as many of the scenarios indicated. I can't help but note that the bot test for leaving this post is worded differently than the one on the test which might have a lot to do with the page reload. But what bot exactly do you think you've somehow out witted with that question? The spam bot programmed to only pick aces in tiny blog forums? Anyway, long story short, I think you may be grossly overestimating your euchre skill level and while i enjoy the idea of this, I feel it's in the wrong hands


I am unsure why you were not able to see your results. The system recorded your answers indicting a correct response to the 'bot test'. A correct response should automatically bring up the answer page. Your score was 56. That's about average. The results did indicate more on-site reading could be helpful. Send me a private email and I'll gladly send the results to you.
The 'bot test' is designed to weed out the many spam bots that roam the web. Knowledge of euchre would be required to answer. Many of these bot post ads that are not appropriate for a family friendly site. It is an necessary evil on any page that allows user input and so far has been has been 100% successful.

Question 21 is a nonsense question. There are not 5 cards in the player's hand. Really, guys? You're experts???


REALLY? IF YOU HAD READ THE QUESTION, you would understand what is being asked here.

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Comments of general interest

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