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Comments of general interest - Test-Your-Euchre-Skills
Section 1

I'd like to see the list of explanations/correct answers. Can you email me this?


I will be adding a section that will say what questions one has incorrectly answered. along with a link to help determine that answer. But first I'd like to collect some data. This will help me to decide the types of information that needs to be added or up dated on this site.

Some interesting situations, but someone definitely needs to spend some time editing.
As for #3, you don't call next holding no trump on the faint hope that somehow your partner is sitting on enough to make up for your void, especially since you can't lead into his hand. Where do you think the seven trump are, and how are you going to prevent them from cross-trumping you to death?
Furthermore, whatever you think the correct lead is, it's wrong. You lead the A of spades because you need to give your team the best shot at taking the first trick while also giving your partner the chance to void himself to better set up his hand. Your opponents are more likely to beholding black.
Some of the other situations posted are also based on poor premises, such as #23, ordering up the 9 holding LA, with length that's going to get trumped in hearts. Pass to the dealer, who you can support nicely if he picks it up. 2nd Chair should, in general, defer to the dealer's decision and pass marginal hands. If he passes, you have next defended, two outside Aces in diamonds, and a possible loner in hearts. The only time you'd order up that 9 is if you're either way behind and you have to be sure you're calling every hand or you're way ahead and you'd rather risk getting euchred than the first chair going alone in next. Again, where do you think the trump are? You're missing the R, your hearts aren't likely good because you have half of them, and you have no idea how strong your p is. Let him decide.


Yes, there is an correct answer. Winning often involves taking calculated risks. Passing and hoping your partner may call is seldom the best option.

Thank you for putting this together - always looking at ways to improve my game. The first time I took it, I got a 72 based on my gut reaction. I went back on some of the questionable ones and got an 88. I then gamed the quiz to figure out the answers.
Euchre is a game where there is a lot of situational luck. Part of it is knowing the odds, and part of it is knowing your partner's style as well as your opponent. Some of the questions I got wrong initially, and thinking about, I will change my game style a tad. Some others, no way - the odds do not play out in the long run. Example, I called a loner, with only the right and rest were As and one king. I made it, but had to, the score was 8-2 in a tournament, and figured a hail mary was needed. If the score was 6-6, I would not go alone.


Thank You for your post..The idea behind this Quiz, is to get players to look at the way they play and try something different. So many people play the same way no matter what the situation. By thinking outside the box, and adjusting your style to adapt to not only the cards by the players as well, can one become a better player.

This quiz has taught me I have definitely have something to learn about calling trump!

I don't agree with answer to #18. Keeping both aces allows for the DEALER (us) to defend the first lead without using a trump in two different suits. Otherwise, you'd have to burn a trump in the first play and then only have 2 left.

I retract my earlier statement. :-) #18 is correct.


This quiz is designed to get people to examine their method of play,and may be try something new. It's nice to see it's working

Don - i took your quiz before reading any of your site and got a 72 - less than i expected. I have much to learn. It did give me time and opportunity to think about what my opponents and partner might do in each situation and then answer accordingly. Very cool and THANKS for doing this!

My partner has just picked up the nine of hearts to name trump. My opponent leads an ace of spades. I am holding the left bower and the queen of hearts. Must I trump with the left and then lead back the queen of hearts? In an attempt to go for two points I have often trumped with the smaller trump.(The Queen), and lead back with the left. It's a gamble that my queen won't get over trumped. Is it worth it?


There is a rule of thumb that your should trump high when trumping next and low when trumping green (green being the suits of the opposite color of next) I would say with hearts as trump, using your queen of hearts to trump a spade is the correct play. Had the ace of diamonds been led then you may want to trump with the left.

Thanks Don, I was chastised by my partner today for playing the queen. It got over trumped. Sometimes I go one way, some times the other. I wasn't aware of a rule of thumb.

Fun! I liked that I could go back and retry without knowing the correct answer. Some scenarios were a bit risky IMO...but I can see the value of the risk assuming all the other players are experienced. With a couple of the scenarios, it was hard to determine the correct play without knowing exactly which cards were played to the lead. I always watch what comes out to determine my plays.

I have read that, in Euchre, you can't lose more than 33% of the time and you can't win more than 66% of the time - not matter how you play the game. I understand it is a computer came, but I have a 62.5% win percentage playing Expert Hoyle Euchre. I only got 64% on your quiz.


I have never heard of this 33% - 66% thing, But for the average player that sounds about right. That is also what makes this such a hard game to show people that have been playing for a while there may be better ways to play some hands. I took a look back at the questions that you missed. A couple where advances plays that only the most experienced players know, But there were some that should be common knowledge. Spend some time reading the info presented here, and your win rate against bots will go over 66%.

I didn't care for the quiz at all. Most of the moves I use all the time win. Yet your quiz says they are wrong. I'm a risky player who counts the cards as they come out and almost always now how many of each are left


Giving some examples would be helpful

I'm sorry, but some of your "correct" answers would make me look like the village idiot.


I stand by all of the answers as stated. It would be helpful to myself as well as to others if you could let us know which ones you disagree with. Also how you would play the hand and why. This game has evolved over time, if you think you have a better way please share it.

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