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Comments of general interest - Rules page
Section 5

We are hosting a progressive tournament. Do you play 8 hands no matter the score? What if a team scores 10 points the first 3 hands? Is the game over or do you just keep dealing and keeping score until everyone gets 2 deals? It seems to me like you everyone should get 2 deals.


Play the full 8 hands. I've seen events where players have gotten 16-17 points in a single round.
Talk about getting nice cards... :)

Question: Let's say that Spades has been named Trump. If I have to discard, and I have one heart and one diamond of equal value...which should I discard? Playing either one will leave me short suited. I've heard that there is a rule for this.


There is no 'rule' on picking hearts over diamonds that I know of. Here you just have to trust your instincts and hope for the best.

question - opposing player orders the dealer to pickup - the dealer picks up then states that she is going alone - the dealer gets all tricks - what should the score be for the dealer - 2 for a euchre or 4 for a lone hand??


Once someone orders the dealer, the naming of trump stops. The dealer can no longer go alone.

What's the customary time allowed of the dealer's partner to either call Trump or pass? The longer that person ponders, they are indicating they have a decent hand in what the dealer turned up, in my opinion.


I agree. Delays in calling or passing always indicate they are trying to decide. Of course this says they hold something. I am reluctant to give a set time, however anything over a few seconds should be a concern. Most good players are in-tune with even the slightest delay.

In an earlier answer you said it is best to order up your partner only if you have three trump and the right bower is up. I've ordered with 2 trump a lot of times and the bower wasn't up. If you play the three trump to order option you won't get to 10 very fast.


I agree with you on ordering your partner when you hold two as long as the right is not up.
That changes with a right up. This,of course, assumes you have a partner that will pick the right as long as they hold a matching suit in their hand.
By ordering, there is a greater risk of stopping your partners lone call than there is of missing a point because your partner turned it down.

Hi! My father in law had the deal and everyone passed the first time around. I was ready to make trump when he flipped the card over and threw in his cards and said no ace no face no trump. Can he do that? I never got the chance to make trump so how does he even know he has no trump? Made no sense to me.....????


"No Ace No Face" is a made-up rule that has no business in an game where adults are playing. Like most things in life, one must play the card they are dealt. We don't get to pick and choose the hands we want to play. After all, If one was dealt a lay-down lone, would they throw that in because it was unfair to the other players?

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