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Comments of general interest - Rules page
Section 2

question ?? when playing 3 handed euchre can you deal cards 1 at the time to the dummy hand or must you throw them in all at the same time ?


Paul, The cards for the dummy (kitty) should be dealt in a group. The only exception would be if the entire hand was dealt one at a time.

Is it common to play with bottoms? This involved a heated debate last night, whereas I have always played it that way and they have never heard of it.


By "bottoms" do you mean trade some of your cards in for the ones in the kitty? Those type of rules are meant for those that are just learning to play.

What about partners best? Where does that come into play


Partner's Best is where a player that is going alone can exchange one or more cards with his partner.
As with the above answer, these type of rules are meant for those that are just learning to play. In adult Euchre, as in life, you play the cards your dealt.


I like it. Beautiful answer to the partners best question Don. You must be part psychologist.

I cannot show in a rule book, Don, but I can tell you that I have been playing euchre for 50 years (learned at my father's knee as a girl and played in many many bar and club tournaments in NE Ohio for a quarter a game a dollar a euchre--these were tournaments with old guys who had played for many years before me) and if you picked up or ordered w/o trump in your hand you would have been shown the door or more colorfully put--drawn back a stump:). Euchre is one of those games that people have sought to codify retroactively.


The fact that you can't show me in a rule book may be a hint. I'm sure you noticed as you were searching for the nonexistent rule, that these rule books cover every possible situation that comes up in a game, but yet you think they forgot to mention anything about needing a suit in your hand before calling that suit trump? It may just be possible that you are wrong. And it may be possible that those that taught you were wrong. Retroactive? There are books on this site that go back to the 1800's. They were some of the many sources of information that were used in the formation of these rules.
You know, when I was young, my dad believed that you should eat a spoon full of Vicks Vapor Rub as a cure for a cold. Yet the company that manufacturers Vicks, says if ingested, Poison Control should be called immediately.
Sorry dad, you knew a lot about many things, but not everything about everything

Is the card considered played if the hand is still holding the card, and while the player is placing the card on the table, he/she realizes he/she would be guilty of a renege later if this card is played? Can the player pull the card back, replace it in his/her hand and play another card that follows suit? In other words, is the card considered played if the player's hand is still on the card enabling the player to pull it back? Is it of any consequence that all players saw the card's face? Thank you for your time, interest,and consideration.


The key to answering this is in your last line. If the card has been extended far enough that other players see what that card is, then the card is considered as having been played.


Thank you for your quick response, Don. I stayed up last night to read some of your "Tips Info," and much of what I read, I did not know. I hope I remember some of it when I get to play again; euchre is a fascinating game. I intend to read more "Tips Info" as it was too much for me to take in at only one sitting.
I am grateful for your site and that you take and answer questions. Thank you for having taken a great deal of time to set up and add to your site. You are thorough and state things clearly! Making clear statements about play and giving clear explanations are quite difficult. You and your efforts are appreciated!

Here's another post on the same subject

After a round of passes, my opponent names Diamonds and plays the Right. I have the Left unguarded when suddenly the 9 of Clubs accidentally drops from my hand. Do the rules force me to play the 9 of Clubs for that trick? If yes, will playing the Left in a future trick result in an automatic renege?


If a Card falls out of a hand, the card is left on the table and played at the first legal opportunity. The card has no value and cannot take a trick.

Referencing the above Postings

Sorry Don but if I don't someone else may. Assuming that we are playing according to Hoyle, witch I believe we are, under irregularities, an exposed card must be left face up on the table and played at the first legal opportunity. BTW I must say that I like your solution.


Yes, most of these rules use Hoyle as a guideline. However, as the Hoyle rule implies that the an exposed card still has some value, a change was needed. In the situation above, allowing a player to show a card then place it back in their hand is just inviting cheating. Any exposed card gives away to much information. Rules have to adapt to assure fair play...

I have a question. I've been told that it's an unwritten rule that you never trump your partner's ace, even if you have a person still to play after you. Is this true? This is one rule I keep getting preached at me, though I'm absolutely certain it's saved many a hand for my partner and me.


Actually, It is a written rule in the The Commandments of Euchre. It is a rule that new players should follow. That being said, There are times when the correct play would be to trump your partners ace. Most times these would be when you could control the rest of the hand. Other times may be when your looking to change who has the lead. It can be a winning play as long as it is used correctly.

Hi Don...Great Site....Q.A player pauses at length at their parteners turned up card and then the partener (dealer) picks up the card. Should this not be an automatic miss deal?


The simple answer is Yes, it should be re-dealt, as it always gives some information to the partner. Hesitations or delays in bidding are always a problem. Sometimes there is a very fine line between what is acceptable and what is not. Social games tend to be more forgiving.

Dealer picks up turned up card and says nothing for about 20 seconds. My partner is arranging cards, and before he plays, dealer says I'm going alone. I call foul, but dealer says he can do that because no card has been played yet. Could you offer your opinion please?


That's a tough one to answer. On the surface I would have to say the bid was OK. No one that plays euchre likes any type of delay. Depending on the players history with such bids, I would say a warning about hesitation may be appropriate. (also see the above post.)

Question: assuming diamonds is trump, hearts is led and my partner is winning the trick and all I have is the jack of hearts and 2 off suite cards am I required to play the jack? I know that in the scenario in which diamonds are trump, someone leads with a diamond and all I have is the jack of hearts I am required to play the jack as it is considered the trump suite.
This was a big family fight, please help!


Once s suit is named trump, the other suit of the same color now only has 5 cards. 9-10-Q-K-A. In the case you presented, the jack of hearts is considered a diamond and no longer a considered a heart. There for, on a heart lead, you would not need to use it.

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