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Comments of general interest - Rules page
Section 1

A VERY good combination of rules, terminology, and comments - some I'd never been familiar with!

If you are playing a lone hand and the opposition reneges, how many points do you score, 2 or 4?


A renege against a lone call is 4 points.

What happens when the dealer turns down a suit and the someone names that suit as trump?


In most friendly games they would be told to pick another suit. In a tournament it could be considered a penalty. The bidder would loose their bid.

Is 'stick the dealer' a rule or not ?


The stick the dealer rule needs to be set at the beginning of the game, While in is not an official rule it does help to speed up the game.

Question: To order up a suit, must you have one of the same suit in your hand? Also do you need one in your hand to pick up that suit?


There is NO rule stating you must hold a natural trump in your hand(a card in the same suit). It is not in any book ever written on euchre.

If I am the dealer and the person on the left of me asked me to pick up the card, can I pick it up and then discard it.


Yes, you can discard the pickup. Once in a while it may be the correct play. It's also a great way to confuse your opponents.

Question: Say I am the dealer and I have just dealt. The card that was flipped face up on top of the kitty was Jack of Spades. The first guy passes , then my partner tells me to pick up the Jack. After I pick up the Jack can I go alone and tell my partner to stay at home ?


Once a partner orders up a card, they are the only one that can play alone. This is why I recommend that someone should only order the right into their partners hand if they hold three or more of that suit. The only time it would be correct to order with less than three would be if your team was at nine points and going for the win. While I'm on the subject, It is a good idea to pick up the right even if you only hold one other trump. You will then hold two possible tricks in your hand. You just need your partner to get one for the point...

If the scoring team forgets to take their points and the next person deals, can they still take the points?


All point must be marked before the end of the next hand. Once the next point is made, any prior points made, but not marked up are forfeited.
It is up to each team to track their own points, and not up to the opposition to remind them.

Can someone play the ace & the left bower at the same time, IF THEY DO NOT HOLD THE RIGHT BOWER. My husband says no, but how are you to know if your partner has it or its berried in the kitty? Is it ok to do this move to draw out other trump cards?


Are you asking if they can play both L+A by laying them down on the table at the same time? NO. At best, the second card would be considered a penalty card and have no value (It could no longer take a trick). It is more likely it would be considered a play out of turn with the opposing team receiving 2 points.
BTW playing both bowers at the same time is also frowned apron, and considered very childish.
Play each card one at a time.

Does a player have to "make it" to go out, or can one get their 10 or 11 points from a Euchre ?


There is no requirement in euchre that says your have to bid to go out. It's the first team to reach 10 or more points. If your are at 8 points and the other team gets euchred... Well congratulations, you have just won.

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