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Yes, I am the Ladies Auxiliary President of Royal Canadian Legion Warminster and I am have a card turney soon. Thanks

Thank you for providing this great service. I'm hosting a small tournament at our tailgate party before the Notre Dame-Southern California football game on Saturday. Go Irish!

Hosting our first tournament. Will have 9 players and like your suggestions to rotate someone in and out--. Thanks!

I lost a friend this week and am starting to put together ideas for an annual memorial event. I have never played in a tournament but my friend who passed was a regular. If I put together a tournament in southern Wisconsin, what format would you suggest? I'm considering trying to raise money for a charitable org but am undecided. I would estimate 20 to 30 people being involved for the first year. Any advice you can offer I will appreciate! Thank you!

The quiz is weak at best the "correct" answer might be good for beginners but seriously most of the theory applied DO YOU HAVE SUGGESTION ON HOW TO HAVE A TOURNAMENT WITH 26 POSSIBLY 27 PLAYERS OR KNOW OF PRINTABLE ROTATION CHARTS? HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED.


Check out the "Progressive Euchre" section.

I am just learning how to play regular Euchre - what do you suggest I do to get better at it before I play in Progressive Euchre that only meets once a month at our Senior Ctr?


The best way to learn is practice and reading lessons 1 - 7. Play for a few months and then go back and reread the lessons. When you feel ready, move on to the advances sections.

Hi! We are starting up a euchre league. I was just wondering outside of playing the game, how I go about scoring for the last week of the league, is a tournament. I believe we would have a winners bracket and a losers bracket.


The winners from each bracket would complete to determine the final winner

What happens if at the end of 8 hands(deals) the score is tied. How do you determine the winner/ losers and is there points awarded. Thanks


The player that received the their point first is the winner. Each team get the same points

I am hosting my first progressive euchre tourney this weekend. I anticipate having somewhere around 30 players, but you never know. Most of my friends have never played progressive euchre so it’s been hard to explain the process to them. Most of them say “just tell me where to sit”. There’s also the issue of what to do if you end up with a group that is not a multiple of 4. I wanted to share this plan with people that have played progressive euchre for critique.
First off, I plan on each player dealing twice each round. It will be stick the dealer. I’ll hand out score sheets for people to keep track of their score. Second, before each round everyone draw cards for their seat number. That way people will know exactly where their seat is and won’t have to figure out on their own if they have to move to a different table or scoot over or whatever. Of course some people might end up playing with the same partner more than once, but is that really any big deal? The important thing is everyone playing the same number of rounds. Second, in order for my plan to work, I need to play a number of rounds that is a multiple of 4. I think 8 will be about right.
Third, to account for all possible scenarios of player numbers I have made a cheat sheet showing each scenario. If I don’t end up with a multiple of four, I will have some players sit out one round as described below. Those players that sat out during one of the first eight rounds will play a 9th round by themselves so that all players end up with 8 scored rounds.
Forth, I will determine who sits out each round after registration is closed. I’ll work my way up from last player registered. For example, if 35 players show up, then the last three players registered will sit out the first round. The next three-to-the-last will sit out the second round and so on. After eight rounds, you will end up with 24 players that have sat out one round, which means you have a multiple of four and those 24 players play one more round, giving all 35 players eight scored rounds.
Here are the scenarios:
Multiples of 4 (perfect, nobody sits out and 8 rounds only) - 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40 Multiples of 2 – 2 too many people (two ppl will sit out each round, so over 8 rounds 16 people will sit out one round; those 16 will play the 9th round, giving each player 8 scored rounds) - 18, 22, 26, 30, 34, 38 Odd numbers – 1 too many (one person will sit each round, so over eight rounds 8 people will sit out one round; those 8 will play the 9th round, giving each player 8 scored rounds) - 17, 21, 25, 29, 33, 37, 41 Odd numbers – 3 too many (three people will sit out each round, so over 8 rounds 24 ppl will sit out one round; those 24 will play a 9th round, giving each player 8 scored rounds) - 19, 23, 27, 31, 35, 39, 43 I know if I end up with 19 or 23 players, I’ll have to think of something else because there won’t be enough players to sit out one round each over 8 rounds. Let me know what you think. Thanks!


It looks like you have a well thought out plan. I think you would need a printout of who sits out each round and then closely monitor to see that it is followed.

Good luck with your tourney. Hopefully it will be successful and you will hold more in the future.

In scoring does the loosing hand get their point as well? Example. 3 tricks to 2 tricks. Winners write 3 and losers write down 2 on the score card. Or do the winners get 3 and losers get a 0 for that hand.


If the team takes 3 tricks they get 1 point. The other team get 0. Games are normally played to 10 points.

I'm sorry, but some of your "correct" answers would make me look like the village idiot.


I stand by all of the answers as stated. It would be helpful to myself as well as to others if you could let us know which ones you disagree with. Also how you would play the hand and why. This game has evolved over time, if you think you have a better way please share it.

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