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Hold Your Own Euchre Tournament - 3

The double elimination format (Partners)

Last update on: Feb 04, 2019

In the double elimination format, team's advance using a standard bracket=style ladder sheet. This is the same format that is used in many sporting events. As a team wins a game they move on to the next step of the ladder. As long as the team keeps winning they continue to advance. Once a team loses a game, they move to the loser's side of the ladder. Again a win will let them move up higher on this side of the ladder. Once at the top the teams from each side play against each other. This determines the overall winner. If a team loses any two games, they are out of the tournament.

Here's what is needed to get started:

1) Euchre card deck for each table.

2) Score keeping cards (The 6 and the 4 from a standard deck work well)

3) The Ladder bracket sheet from below (pick the style that works best for you)

4) Numbered buttons to be used to assign starting positions

5) The number of games is predetermined by the tournament director.

Have a sign-up table to greet the players when they arrive. This is where a team's number and starting position will be assigned. A fair way of doing this is to have a box with numbered buttons. Poker chips, which have been numbered, work well. As the teams come in, have one member draw a number from the box. Using a bracket sheet with the correct number of teams, write the teams name on the line that corresponds to the number drawn.

See the sample ladder sheet below.

This Picture gives information about Euchre Games

In this example, we are using the bracket sheet for 4 teams. This shows what the sheet would look like at the end of the event. To get started, team members Jim + Sue drew number 1 so they were assigned to starting position 1. Joe + Jr. drew number 2, they were assigned to position 2. Positions 3 and 4 were assigned in the same way.

In the first round, because Joe + Jr. lost game 1 they dropped down to the Loser bracket, side of the ladder (position L1). Sal + Ted also lost their first game so they move to the loser's bracket in position L2.

The next round is marked the same way. Jim + Sue lost and moved to position L4 on the loser's side. Here Joe + Jr. played against Sal +Ted and in this game, Joe + Jr. lost and so Sal + Ted advance. As this was Joe + Jr's second loss they are out of the competition.

This continues until both sides reach the top of the ladder. If a team makes it to the top of the winner's side and are undefeated, the team from the loser's bracket will have to beat them twice to win the event.

Winners of a game move forward to the next line, and the losers drop down to the loser's bracket. If there is only one team in a round then that team gets a 'bye' or free win and gets to move up the ladder to the next round.

We offer two styles of bracket sheets. The first are traditional brackets where winners will play winners and losers play losers. This is the fairest way to play but tournaments will take longer because teams may have to wait for others to finish in their bracket. Using our modified bracket sheets, we have eliminated some of the 'byes'. No team plays the same teams twice except possibly in the last round.

Printing Directions

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and print these files.

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Once Acrobat has been installed return to this page. Click on Score sheet you'd like to print. After new page loads click on 'File' in the upper left hand corner of the screen then 'print'

Standard double elimination brackets
Winners play winners + losers play losers

Bracket Sheet For 4 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 5 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 6 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 7 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 8 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 9 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 10 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 11 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 12 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 13 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 14 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 15 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 16 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 17 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 18 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 19 Teams

Modified double elimination brackets
modified to keep byes to a minimum

Bracket Sheet For 4 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 5 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 6 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 7 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 8 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 9 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 10 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 11 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 12 Teams
Bracket Sheet For 13 Teams

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