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The Ten Commandments of Euchre

These commandments were compiled in 2000 A.D.
by Harvey Lapp

1) Thou shalt not pass a biddable hand.

2) Thou shalt counteth upon thy partner for one trick.

3) Thou shalt not trumpeth thy partner's ace.

4) Thou shalt trumpeth thy partner's king.

5) Thou shalt leadeth trump to thy partner's order.

6) Thou shalt not leadeth trump to thine opponent's order.

7) When thou hath ordered trump, leadeth thy right bower to smite thy foes.

8) Ordereth not the right bower unto thy partner's hand unless thou canst go alone.

9) Goeth alone whenever thou canst, unless thy team hath eight or nine points.

10) Thou shalt not complaineth about the cards the Lord thy Euchre God hath bestowed upon you


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These commandments are a good starting place for those that are new to the game. Every player should know these. As skill level increases, one will find there are times when one should deviate from these. It is better to learn to walk before trying to run.

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