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Comments of general interest - The Art of a Next call(aka Hoyle)

Calling Next is great strategy, you should follow up on Bushwacking. A Strategy used to counter Calling Next

In response to the first comment, I too sometimes wait in the bushes. Not sure how this disrupts the strategy if calling next.

If you know that someone will call next automatically, then a strategy of sandbagging has a fair chance of working. However, very few players are this predictable. You may find yourself holding the bag, while the opponents make a point.

As your excellent introduction explains, the goal is to "get a point", and thereby deny your opponents an opportunity to bid. Getting 2 points with a next call is great, but secondary. Therefore I think an example with a much weaker hands would make your point better. An example of 1 trump + 2 aces would illustrate WHY this concept should change your thinking.

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