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Adopted by the Somerset Club of Boston
March 1, 1888

Last update on: Dec 21, 2016

Section 8

The following coups, which occurred recently in play, serve to show the possibilities of the game. They are offered here for the inspection of experienced players only, and not for the emulation of beginners.


Score, game-all and four-all.

First Trick.—B very properly orders up, and leads the ace of diamonds; C follows with the seven, D throws the ten of clubs,and A takes with left bower. Second Trick.—A leads queen of spades, B covers with the ace, and C wins the trick with the eight of diamonds, D playing the nine of spades.

Third Trick.—C leads the eight of hearts, D plays king of hearts, A plays nine of hearts, and B throws ten of spades (not a sure winner) on his partner's trick.

Fourth Trick.—D leads ace of clubs, A ruffs with the nine of diamonds, B covers with the ten, and C wins the trick and scores a euchre with the queen of trumps.

Remarks.—C makes the coup by leading the eight instead of the ace of hearts. C recognized the fact, after the fall of the cards in the second round, that B must have had three trumps to order with, and they must have been the ace, king, ten; and after he had taken the second trick he must throw the lead into D's hand, thereby making his queen against the king, ten.

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