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Adopted by the Somerset Club of Boston
March 1, 1888

Last update on: Dec 21, 2016

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Leading a trump up to the right.

A adopts the trump. Score, four to one in favor of A and C.

First Trick.—B leads the left, C plays the seven of hearts, D the nine, and A wins with the right.

Second Trick.—A leads the ace of spades, B follows with the nine, C with the ten, and D with the seven.

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Tricks.—No matter what A plays, he is euchred, since B wins the last three tricks.

Score, three-all. A adopts the trump.

First Trick.—B leads ace of hearts, C plays the ten, D the eight, and A the seven.

Second Trick.—B continues with the queen of hearts, C covers, and wins with the king, D throws the ten of spades, and A the nine of hearts.

Third Trick.—C leads the left bower, D throws the queen of spades, A the seven of diamonds, and B refuses to win by playing under with the ten of diamonds, thereby making a certainty of establishing the euchre with the tenace of right and king in the fourth and fifth tricks.

Score three-all. A adopts the trump.

First Trick.—B leads the king of clubs, C follows with the seven of clubs, D with the eight of clubs, and A with the ten of clubs.

Second Trick.—B continues with the queen of clubs, C plays the knave, D the nine, and A wins with the ten of diamonds.

Third Trick.—A leads the king of spades, B covers with the ace, C plays the queen, and D trumps, and wins with the queen of diamonds.

Fourth Trick.—D leads the king of hearts, A ruffs with the ace, and is euchred by B's left bower.

Remarks.—C in the third trick perceived that his queen was useless, unless used to trump his partner's trick and put the lead through A, with the hope that his partner had the left and might be able to get it in. The ace was turned up, and A could have no card lower than the queen, since he had ruffed fourth hand with the ten.

Score, three to one in favor of B and D.

C assists, and A plays alone.

First Trick.—B leads ace of hearts, D follows with knave, and A ruffs with queen of clubs.

Second Trick.—A leads the right, B plays the eight, and D the nine, of spades.

Third Trick.—A leads the king of spades, B refuses to ruff, having the highest trump, thereby euchring A.

The opportunity for this coup of refusing to ruff occurs very frequently.

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