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The Law and Practice of the Game of Euchre (1862)

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Let not cards therefore, be depreciated; a happy invention, which, adapted equally to every capacity, removes the invidious distinctions of nature, bestows on fools the pre-eminence of genius, or reduces wit or wisdom to the level of fully.'- Henry's History of Great Britain, vol. 12, p. 385,

Adopt the Trump. - To play at the suit turned up.

Assist. - Is where the dealer's partner, believing that he can win the odd trick, at least, agrees to play at the trump turned up,

Bower. - Either Knave of the color of the trump suit. "Will you come to the bower I have shaded for you?"

Bridge. - Is where the opponents, having the deal, are counting but one or two points only towards game, and the other side are at the score of four. It is then the duty of the eldest-hand, if he has not one certain trick in hand, to order up the trump card to prevent the dealer, or his partner, from Playing Alone.

Call. - Is the right to require an adversary to play a card that has been improperly shown or exposed.

Cards Away. - To Play Alone.

Count. - To reckon the game.

Counters. - The deuce and tray, usually of diamonds and spades, probably because the pips of those two suits being more sharp and angular are easily discerned..

Court-Cards. - The Aces, Kings, Queens, and Knaves, of each suit, as distinguished from the numerical ones. Formerly called coat-cards.

Cross the Suit. - To make a trump of different color from the card turned up for the trump.

Cut. - To separate the pack into two parts before the player, whose right it is to deal, distributes the cards.

Deal. - To distribute to each player five cards, face downwards, after the pack has been shuffled and cut.

Dealer. - He to whom belongs the privilege of distributing the cards to the other players.

Deck. - Synonymous with Pack.

Discard. - Putting out one card from the dealer's hand, and replacing it with the card turned up, when it has been adopted for the trump.

Doubled. - Two cards of the same suit.

Dutch It. - The same as Next In Suit.

Eldest Hand. - The left-hand adversary of the dealer.

Euchre. - This term, which gives the game its name, is used to denote the loss of a party, adopting or making a trump, and who fail to win a majority of the tricks. It also applies to Lone and Jambone hands failing to win; the successful opponents counting four and eight points respectively.

Faced Card. - One with its face turned up, so that it may be seen.

Finesse. - Is where a third player holding the best and the third best trump, plays the Latter taking the risk that the last player does not hold the second best trump. If the last player does not hold it, the third player by this play wins the two tricks.

Follow Suit. - To play a card of the suit led.

Force. - To lead a suit of which your opponents hold none, thus forcing them to trump or lose the trick.

Fresh Deal. - When an accident occurs in dealing, the dealer is entitled to deal anew.

Game. - When two players, associated together as partners, make five points before their adversaries.

Go Alone. - The same as to Play Alone.

Guarded. - Any two cards of suit.

Hand. - The five cards given to each player by the dealer.

Jambone. - Is when a player holds such high cards that he announces to play them, without his partner, turned, faces up to view on the table, and gives to that adversary who is entitled to lead, or to play first, the privilege of calling one of the cards so exposed to the first trick played ; or, if the Jambone player has the lead, to call a card from his open hand to be played to, IF he can then win all five tricks he is entitled to count eight points.

Jamboree. - Holding the five highest cards at trumps, being the two Bowers, Ace, King, and Queen, which the player having them, shows, as at Jambone, and is entitled to count sixteen points.

Lap. - To count all the points made over five to the next game.

Lay Card. - Any card that is not a trump.

Lay Suit. - Either of the three suits when not the trump.

Lead. - The card first played by the eldest-band; afterwards the card led by him who has won the preceding trick.

Left-Bower. - The Knave of the same color As the trump suit, which is the second best trump.

Left-Bower Guarded, - To hold the Left-Bower, and any other trump, which will generally win One trick if properly played.

Lone Hand. - A hand, so strong in trumps, that it will probably win all five tricks if Played Alone.

Lone Player. - One who plays without his partner.

Love Game. - Is when one party count five before their adversaries have made one point. Also, an innocent sedentary amusement between two young persons, of opposite sexes, " by moonlight alone."

Make the Point. - Is when the players, who adopt or make the trump, win the odd trick.

Make the Trump. - To name any suit for the trump after all the players have passed, and the dealer has turned down the trump card.

March. - Is when two partners playing together win all of the five tricks.

Mark the Game. - To count.

Misdeal. - An error in the distribution of the five cards belonging to each player -or when the right-hand opponent has not cut the cards previous to their distribution -which forfeits the right to the deal.

Next in Suit. - The trump the same color of the suit turned down -as if a diamond is turned down and the trump is made a heart.

Numerical Cards. - The seven to the ten, both inclusive, as distinguished from the court-cards.

Odd Trick. - The third won of the five tricks.

Order it Up. - To require the dealer and partner to play at the suit turned up.

Pack. - The Euchre pack is composed of the thirty- two cards left in a Whist, or complete pack, after all the sixes, fives, fours, trays, and deuces have been thrown out.

PASS. - To announce that the player declines to play at the trump turned up.

Pass the Making. - To decline to name any suit for trump.

Pip. - The spots on the numerical cards, from the seven to the ten. Also, a malady prevalent among adolescent chickens -a cure for which will be furnished, gratis, to our sub-urban subscribers, by application at the office.

Play Alone. - To play a hand without the partner.

Point. - One of the five numbers of which a game consists.

Quart. - Four trumps in sequence.

Rentree. - The right to the lead which belongs to the player who has won the last trick.

Revoke. - A Revoke is when a player, who holds a card of the suit led, plays, by mistake or design, a card of a different suit.

Right-Bower. - The Knave of the trump suit, which is the commanding trump.

Round. - The five tricks played in each deal -and each trick is also termed the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth round.

Ruff. - To trump a lay suit.

Score. - The count, showing the state of the game.

Sequence. - The regular succession of three or more cards in hand.

Shuffle. - To mix the cards together before they are cut to be distributed to the players.

Side Cards. - The same as Lay Cards.

Slam. - To win a game before the adverse party count one point in it.

Spot. - The same as Pip.

Stock. - Synonymous with Talon,

Suit. - The name given to each of the four denominations! or orders, of the cards contained in a pack-as the suit of diamonds, hearts, spades, and clubs.

Take it Up. - The dealer's announcement that he intends to play at the suit turned up for trumps.

Talon. - The eleven cards remaining in the pack after the dealer has distributed five to each player, and turned up the twenty-first card for the trump.

Tenace. - Is when a player holds the Highest and third best trumps and is the last player, which insures to him those two tricks.

Throw Away. - To play a card, not a trump, of different suit to that led.

Tierce. - A sequence of three trumps, as the two Bowers and Ace, or the Ace, King, Queen, ect.

Trick. - The five cards played by each player, and won by the highest card played, of the called a Round,

Trump. - The suit adopted, or made, the commanding suit.

Trump Card. - The card turned up by the dealer for the trump.

Turn-Down. - The card shown, or turned up, for trump, which the dealer turns, face down, when all four players decline to play at that suit.

Turn-Up. - The card, in dealing, next to the twentieth, or last card dealt, which is turned, face up, on the talon for trump.

Underplaying. - Is to follow suit with a card of inferior value to the adversary's lead when holding one that can win it.

Chapter 1 - Preliminary

Chapter 2 - Mode of Playing

Chapter 3 - On Playing Alone

Chapter 4 - Lap, Slam, Jambone, and Jamboree

Chapter 5 - Technicalities

Chapter 6 - Laws

Chapter 7 - Hints to Tyros (Novice)

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